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Monthly update for December, 2013

  • General
    • Major updates for the UI conversion
    • A lot of code refactorings
    • Added 1080p to screen resolutions
  • Campaign
    • Renamed the benefit given by ECM units to "evasion"
  • Translations
    • Updated Ukrainian translation
    • Updated German translation
    • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Bugs
    • Fixed #5156 (Reaction fire panel persists)
    • Fixed #5250 (Village map glitch)
    • Fixed #5228 (ESC while dragging crashes battlescape)
    • Fixed #5232 (Client crashes when selecting airplane in base while stiletto is out)
    • Fixed #5187 (Crash from bad .ufo script)
    • Fixed #5213 (Crashes with long translations) for research
    • Fixed #5224 (click on hangar doesn't start aircraft menu)
    • Fixed #5219 (Problem with outward form of palms (in oriental map theme))
    • Fixes #5218 (Bug in Mansion Map with 12 soldiers and a Corrupter UFO)
    • Fixed: Game hangs when walking through the door on 'gate' map
    • Fixed: Ccache usage in the configure script and the makefile
    • Fixed: Drawing of radar circles
  • Maps
    • Updated various tiles in oriental map theme

In total, 226 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in December.


Monthly update for November, 2013

  • General
    • Removed the dual wielding of pistols from the auto-equip algorithm.
    • Misc code refactoring and cleanup.
  • Translations
    • Updated French translation.
    • Updated German translation.
    • Updated Korean translation.
    • Updated Ukrainian translation.
  • UI
    • The porting of the different windows to the new UI style continued this month.
    • Re-added the reaction fire tracking panel.
  • Bugs
    • Fix #5204 (Wrong hand order with two items in both hands)
    • Fix #5203 (Reaction fire button freezes after next round)
    • Fixed #5209 (Breakable doors cause game to crash)
    • Fixed #5186 (Battlescape crash on bomb explosion in Fuel Dump)
    • Fix for #5207 (Weight not updating)
    • Fixed #5205 (CursorTooltip disappearing on reload)

In total, 311 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in November.


Monthly update for October, 2013

  • General
    • Set max number of aliens in skirmish to 60.
    • Updated Russian translation.
    • Support for configure to use embedded libs.
    • Fixed lua use from system wide installation.
    • Lots of code refactoring and cleanup.
  • Campaign
    • Re-enable implants.
  • Maps
    • New map (Clinic) by AntJam.
    • Misc fixes and improvements in Laboratory and Military Convoy maps
  • Battlescape
    • Fixed AI line of fire check.
    • Fixed math for shoot accuracy.
  • UI
    • Lots and lots of fixes and improvements to the new UI.
  • Bugs
    • Fixed manual loading of weapons in the equipment screen.
    • Fixed #4937 (Smoke will spawn off-map)
    • Fixed #5183 (Infinite smoke grenades)
    • Fixed #5147 (Footstep sounds play at the same time)
    • Fixed #5062 (Antimatter Magazine requirements for production)
    • Fixed campaign_main no longer calling the load/save windows

In total, 248 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in October.



A new game I'm working on is now available for Android. A free version will follow soon. If you like the game, please rate it.

CaveExpress is a classic 2D platformer with physics-based gameplay and dozens of levels. Master your pedal-powered flying machine to pick up packages from your cave-dwelling clients and drop them off at the collection point. But beware! Mighty mastodons, terrifying pterodactyls and others would rather see you extinct.

I'm also working on a Windows version released on Desura. It will be available soon.


Stable nightlies

As we are working on 2.6 and are stabilising things for 2.5. We are now providing two version of nightly builds. One for the 2.6 and one for the 2.5. When you play 2.6, keep in mind that your savegame folder for your "old" 2.5 games has changed (as the folder does include the version number of the game. See our FAQ for more information). Please also keep in mind that 2.6 is going to get a totally revamped UI. So it might be possible that not everything works for some time.


Monthly update for September, 2013

  • General
    • There is a new work-in-progress UI
    • Version bump to 2.6-dev
    • Fixed building on FreeBSD
    • Updated eclipse plugins for modders and developers
    • Fixed text input handling for sdl2
  • Languages
    • Spanish translation update
    • Norwegian translation update
    • Russian translation update
  • Maps
    • Added and adjusted a lot of tiles in the +village2 theme
    • Moved a lot of tiles and maps into the +urban theme
    • Fixed various RMA problems
  • UI
    • Refactored the key binding menu
    • Refactored the mailclient
    • Added 'Please wait' overlay to the hud if it's not your round
    • Allow cursor movement within text entry boxes
  • Bugs
    • Fixed parts of #5155 (Missing/misplaced objects in a house)
    • Fixed #5124 (Skirmish teams not loaded properly)
    • Fixed #5130 (Battlescape issues)
    • Fixed #5126 (breakable sound delay)
    • Fixed #5149 (Save games display only the first word)
    • Fixed #3417 (on baseattack map material file is not loaded in campaign)
    • Fixed #5096 (Compile Error on Mac OS 10.7)
    • Fixed #5020 (Event condition: first new ufo detected)
    • Fixed #5127 (Occupied savegame slots are displayed empty when saving from within a running game)
    • Fixed #5125 (+village bungalow lacks textures on house and fence)
    • Fixed #5110 (multiplayer chat can't handle emoticums like ;)
    • Fixed #5108 (server password protection is broken)
    • Fixed part of #5117 (Message logic errors)
    • Fixed #5112 (Aircraft tab - odd behaviour)
    • Reexported the hovernet meshes to try to fix #4916 (Hovernet model looks weird)
  • Campaign
    • Enable Gunboat for base attack and terror missions.
    • Adjust another production message to work with disassembly
    • Adjust production messages to work with disassembly as well
    • Remove reference to variable power levels in electro laser text
    • Remove reference to variable timer in plasma grenade text
    • Remove reference to Supply UFO in Adv Propulsion text
    • No Hydroelectric Dam in arctic environment
    • Remove reference to Kerrblades in Alien Strategy research text
    • Fixed invalid event mails in the mailclient
    • Only trigger event detect_harvester if there no ufoyard yet
    • Don't show employees that are no soldiers and are fully healed in the hospital view
    • Disable implants for now
  • Multiplayer
    • Fixed a segfault in the DoS protection
    • Added round time limit control to rcon view
  • Battlescape
    • Hopefully better names for the wounds properties.
    • Adjusted how the wound penalty to reaction fire works.
    • Adjusted penalty for torso wounds.
    • Fixed some key bindings for battlescape
    • Fixed footstep sounds attenuation value that depends on the camera position rather than the closest actor
    • New reaction fire panel
    • Implemented #5102 (Center view on alien in view of soldiers when their turn starts)

In total, 541 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in September.


Important savegame update

We have just made a change to the directory where save games are stored. If you want to continue to use your 2.5-dev savegames with the latest version from git or the nightly installers, you must copy them manually to the new location. Otherwise the game will be unable to find them. The path depends on your operating system and is written in our FAQ.

Files that end in .savx need to be placed in a new subdirectory called campaign. Files that end in .mpt need to be placed in a new subfolder called multiplayer (for multiplayer teams) or skirmish (for skirmish teams). If these new directories do not exist, just create them.

For example, on Windows you will find the files in \Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\UFOAI\2.5-dev\. You must create the folder campaign at \Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\UFOAI\2.5-dev\campaign\ and move the save files there.


Monthly update for August, 2013

This month saw a burst of activity, with bug fixes across all major systems, dramatic balancing changes to soldier advancement, improvements to the alien AI, new multiplayer features and more work on our maps.

  • Multiplayer
    • Improved error message handling from server to client
    • Fixed #5103 Multiplayer map selection doesn't work correctly
    • Implemented multiplayer team sharing
    • Modified multiplayer gametypes to use 12 soldiers
    • Deliver a preconfigured multiplayer team
    • Implemented #5093 change max number of ai actors for multiplayer coop games
    • Implemented #5092 multiplayer gametypes
    • Merged some DoS protection from quake3
    • Increased the multiplayer timeout (our map loading can take some time)
    • Disabled the map checksum check for multiplayer games
    • Select a gametype and only show compatible maps
  • General
    • Implemented #5098 Support multiple param values for mapdef
    • Fixed #5065 ALT-TAB sometimes causes music to spam console
    • Activate fullscreen toggle with alt+enter for windows and sdl2
    • Corrupter should use advanced propulsion, so it is easier to build late-stage aircraft
    • Tweaked the intel hack
    • Fixed scrollable main window buttons
    • Removed the static campaign
    • Added support for SDL2
    • Facebook and Twitter buttons in the main window
    • Show the mission briefing earlier
    • Initial work on reaction fire panel
    • Add the ability to disable the crashdump upload
    • Reorganize team selection UI
    • Clarify the base security cameras tip
  • Build
    • Added some external dependencies to src/libs
  • Battlescape
    • Fixed #3470 InvAdd failed - could not add 1 item...
    • AI: If you just discared your ammoless weapon please don't wait till the next turn to grab your sidearm
    • AI: Only raging actors should charge the nearest target
    • AI: Don't try to stun robots
    • AI: Use grenades in combat
    • AI: If no target can be attacked wander around instead
    • AI: Only reward charging the enemy if you intend to attack
    • AI: Uncrouch the actor early so move length calculations will be correct.
    • Raging actors don't ignore stunned targets.
    • Stunrod and kerrblade should require both hands to use
    • Allow reaction fire with full auto and aimed assault rifle firemodes
  • Campaign
    • Fixed #5061 Un-hire soldier shows wrong stats after employee removed
    • Fixed #5033 Occupation count not updated when employees are removed
    • Fixed #4904 Update aircraft production requirements
    • Fixed #5054 Fix live alien cargo update call
    • Fixed #5007 (Creating team for skirmish doesn't use selected equipment)
    • Fixed #5067 Create all aircraft - except initial ones - with 0 fuel
    • Implemented #5074 Scale aircraft selling price based on its damage value
    • Converted aircraft repair to 1% of damage per hour
    • Adjust skills and experience values and calculations
    • Remove heavy skill from research list, team templates and skill descriptions
    • Re-add alien transfer functionality
    • Reimplement Reseach UI
    • Refactored the capacity management
    • Include note on the command centre's camera room in the base attack mission briefing
    • Refactored the hospital window
    • Adjust Reaction Fire explanation text in ufopaedia
    • Add medikit firemode explanations to ufopaedia entry
    • Started the implant implementation
  • UFORadiant
    • Try to automatically detect the installation path of ufoai
    • Fixed #5073 Runtime error on exit
    • Implemented #4872 Sort entity list alphabetically
    • Fixed PKGDATADIR usage
  • Translations
    • Updated Spanish translation
    • Updated German translation
    • Updated Norwegian translation
    • Updated French translation
  • Maps
    • Fixed #4948 Strange shadow on crashed_bomber tiles
    • Added spawnpoints for multiplayer team 2 to various UFO prefabs
    • Updated, fixed maps.ufo and enabled the map for the campaign
    • Map +village Bomber UFO tile now matches its tile descriptor
    • Added some new ufos to +village
    • Added camera sign to commando map
    • Cartwheel prefab from the beach map
    • Increase ambient night lighting on +bridge
    • Add new textures
    • Added 'multiplayer only' assembly for +harbour2 map
    • New map theme +village2
    • Remove alien spawn points in alien base entrance tile

In total, 509 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in August.


Working towards an official Debian release

For several years we've worked to improve the licensing of our assets so that we can be included in offical Debian distributions. Now that we've managed the licensing issues, a member of the Debian Games Team is working on an official release.

If you use Debian/Ubuntu/Mint, please consider helping us out by testing the packages posted in this thread.



We are now using SDL2 for our windows nightly builds. If you are using the nightly installer, please try a recent version and report any problems you found with video initialization or input handling.

Switching to SDL2 gives us the opportunity to port the game to newer platforms as well as having a lot of bugs from the older SDL version fixed. Here is a short introduction of SDL for those who are interested.

We are also still supporting the most recent 1.x version of SDL - so if you compile on your own, there is no need to get SDL2 installed on your system. Though I would encourage everyone to do so please - to get more feedback.


Monthly update for July, 2013

  • Translations
    • German translation updated
    • Spanish translation updated
    • Updated po and pot files with the latest story changes
  • Maps
    • Extended +africa map theme
    • Extended +desert map theme
    • Extended +farm map theme
    • Extended and improved +mansion map theme
    • Extended and fixed +tropic map theme
    • Improved +village map theme
    • Updated various prefabs
  • Campaign
    • Remove references to Heavy skill
    • Reduce UFO numbers throughout the game but increase them in the first month to prevent empty time at the start of the game.
    • Fix font size of health text in hospital window.
    • Extracted campaign intro texts to msgid.
    • Move Stingray's medium weapon slots to the nose (#5018)
    • Show free capacities in production screen to be consistent with market screen #4999
    • Fixed #4996 (Heavy Needler specs are visible before the item is researched)
    • Fixed some skill requirements in weapon techs
  • Buildsystem
    • Fixed the configure script
    • Fixed some linking problems with libbfd
  • Skirmish
    • Implemented #5066 (adjust number of aliens in Skirmish game)
  • Bugs
    • Fixed #5014 (Compile error: config.h must be included before this header)
    • Fixed #3192 (Menu for firing mode)
    • Fixed #4906 (Disabling reaction fire does not refresh firemode menu)
    • Fixed #5045 (Reaction fire toggle)
    • Fixed #2714 (Thrown Monomolecular Blade = No Loot)
  • Tools
    • The Blender MD2 Importer now imports all frames by default
  • Content
    • Added new UI wound icons

In total, 77 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in July.


Monthly update for June, 2013

  • Bugs fixes
    • Fixed #5022 Anti alien gas grenade crash on alien's turn
    • Fixed #4910 Targetalign broken when using grenades
    • Fixed #4885 ufo2map goes to infinite loop
    • Fixed #4964 Game draws due to no enemy spotted, but enemy spotted by IR
    • Fixed #4860 PB cannon does not appear on campaign
    • Fixed #5009 Grenade falls off map, kills actor
  • Translations
    • Updated spanish translation
    • Updated german translation
  • Build system
    • mingw64 fixes
    • emscripten fixes
    • Updated configure script to write a log file
    • Some more header checks in the configure script
    • Fixed compilation on maxosx 10.8
  • Campaign
    • Send mail for research of AA Hybrid Missile
    • Added two small tests that are loading and saving 10000 employees
    • Reduced time required to research Orbital UFO Activity
    • Raised ALIENCATEGORY_MAX to allow a wider range of alien team definitions
    • Destroy downed aircraft even if UFO was destroyed in the same minute
  • Battlescape
    • The AI no longer wastes shots trying to shoot through a breakable
    • Improved the AI hiding routines
    • Fixed inverse team rules in the visibility checks
    • Re-enabled the 'draw' in RF
    • Increase TU cost of Hovernet firemode
    • Implemented #5024 Allow to fire the grenade launcher behind crouched teammate
    • Use the new hovernet weapon FX.
    • Try to improve the AI handling of mission targets.
    • Make tooltips in the wounds panel work again.
  • Maps
    • Fixed some visible nodraw faces in mine and other minor improvements
    • Adapted and implemented a facility tile from +frozen for the +industrial theme
    • Some minor improvements for the dam map
    • Replaced trees by actual prefabs on various tiles in the +frozen theme
    • Added normalmap for /textures/tex_nature/grass_lush.png
    • Updated prefab of Herakles dropship
    • Updated prefab of Corrupter UFO
    • Updated prefab of the pine
    • Fixed map compiler warnings for

In total, 118 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in June.


Monthly update for May, 2013

  • Bugs
    • fixed #4973 No more tooltip for automatic selling
    • fixed #4981 Translation error - Multiplayer settings
    • fixed #4975 Fueldump bomb
    • fixed #4989 Base map layouts wrong in battlescape
    • fixed #4980 Translation error soldier's rank abbreviation...
    • fixed #4974 Titles in the mission box not translated
    • fixed #4977 Fixed required hangar description for aircraft (ufopedia, market)
    • fixed #4961 Stunrod proposal should not assume we have seen bloodspiders
    • fixed #4961 Clarify that multiple mixtures in breathing apparatus come from single unit, not multiple races
    • fixed #4961 Remove reference to laser byproduct being radioactive
  • MapEditor
    • 'targetname' is not a mandatory property of misc_item entity
  • Translations
    • applied #5002 Russian translation update
    • applied #4994 Korean translation update
    • applied #4987 Polish translation update
    • applied #4970, #4978, #5000 French translation updates
    • Spanish translation update
    • Norwegian translation update
    • German translation update
  • Maps
    • +harbour2 fixes
    • +village fixes and extensions
    • +frozen fixes, extensions and improvements
    • +laboratory: smooth lighting between tiles
    • updated and added some prefabs
    • normalmaps for existing textures
  • Balancing
    • reduce slowdown caused by gas grenades.
    • balance gas grenades and improve some resistance values
    • remove Ortnoks from worker teams to differentiate alien mission profiles.
    • aliens on scout/supply missions don't use advanced weaponry
    • increase RPG damage and splash radius to compensate for high TU and weight costs
    • improve accuracy and damage of bolter/coilgun to compensate for high weight and TU costs
  • Battlescape
    • improve display of wounds in hud
    • some reaction fire fixes
  • Campaign
    • Ufopaedia entries for SAM Site and Orbital Rocket Launcher
    • add ufopaedia entries for radar tower and ufo yard (other installations to come)
    • minor adjustments to base laser texts for clarity and consistency.
    • new ufopaedia entries explaining basic game concepts.
  • Sound
    • applied #4976 - some new and updated sounds
    • don't play always the same track - but pick a random one from the same category

In total, 165 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in May.


The Server Team is once again in need of your help.

The server is currently hosting Two projects: "UFO: Alien Invasion," and "OpenXcom."
To continue providing hosting services we will need to raise funds for the coming year, to pay for both the service and possibly some new hardware, or a new server computer altogether, especially if such services are to be provided free of advertisements on the project websites.

In addition to the two projects mentioned, we also host additional programming and development tools for the community, including a snapshot autobuilder for OpenXcom, and a buildbot for UFO: Alien Invasion.
We also welcome new projects that are freely available and preferably open-source in nature, and hope to continue to provide tools for the community to grow, but we will need your help and support to do so.

Please consider a donation for our cause, which you can give via the following link:

For European Users (EUR):
For USA Users (USD):

Donate Bitcoin
We sincerely thank you for any support you provide.


Monthly update for April, 2013

  • General
    • Inventory related fixes
    • Fixed armour display in item nodes
    • Cleanup in RMA-code
    • Lots of refactoring
    • Some C++11 fixes
    • Mingw64 support
  • Campaign
    • Hide destroy button for orbital launcher
    • Add model to alien astrogation definition
  • Translations
    • Polish translation updated
    • French translation updated
    • Spanish translation updated
  • Bugs
    • Fixed #4955 (base defence mission fails)
    • Not all self-contained weapons are oneshot.
    • Fixed soldier list panel height for 12 soldiers
    • Fixed #3228 (equipment count out of sync on UI)
  • Maps
    • Extended and fixed the +village theme
    • Extended and fixed the +frozen theme
    • Adapted 'bungalow' map for +village map theme
    • Fixed dropship in military_convoy

In total, 189 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in April.


Monthly update for March, 2013

  • Maps
    • +africa: refactored the tileset and fixed misplaced misc_sound entity
    • +country: cleanup
    • +frozen: added missing UFOs and general improvement
    • +ice: added crashed Bomber and Corrupter UFOs
    • +industrial: updated some tiles
    • +oriental: added missing UFOs and fixed #4952
    • +shelter: fixes and improvements
    • +village: refactored the tileset and also added new tiles
    • corrupter_crash: solved missing part of #4883
    • sharing tiles over various maps
  • Prefabs
    • added prefab for crashed Corrupter UFO
    • updated prefab of Harvester UFO
    • updated prefab of Bomber UFO
  • Scripts
    • Remove taman_light and taman_heavy team definitions
    • updated terrain.ufo (footsteps)
  • Campaign
    • Texts for Combat Hovernet/Bloodspider should not assume early versions have been researched.
    • Basic implementation of #4856: Specify templates in alienteam definitions
    • skip certain maps in campaign depending on hardware
    • Make Orbital UFO Activity appear in mail client
    • Make encased plasma ammos appear in UFOpaedia.
    • Make gl plasma ammo require alien materials like other plasma ammo
    • fixed #4869 research screen for pbeam weapons shows image and model
    • fixed #3415 game doesn't pause on buiding built up if it is yet unusable
    • New alien team size selection with updated max aliens for missions and aircraft
    • Adjust pbeam tech texts to remove assumption that ammo hasn't yet been researched
    • Make all Encased Plasma ammos the same price
    • Add emails to Hybrid RPG ammo definition (still doesn't appear, see #4902)
    • Adjust particle beam texts so that they don't reference specific techs the player may not have researched.
    • Adjust autopsy button text in alien containment so it works before and after research is completed.
    • Adjust base attack mission briefing text.
    • Remove stunrod dependency for live alien tip, adjust text to reflect this and make it trigger at 45 days
  • Battlescape
    • Reduce splash radius of plasma grenades
    • Remove physics from incendiary particle to improve performance
    • improved starting position of 2x2 units - not fully fixed yet
    • Increase flashbang radius
    • fixed #4929 grenade "using items" button always disable
    • fixed #4898 HUD buttons don't update between soldiers
    • fixed #3456 door start open
    • fixed #4897 enemy fire visible through smoke
    • fixed #4896 hit chance shows for unseen aliens
    • fixed #3138 func_door problem with a stair
    • fixed #4900 displayed movement cost inaccurate if soldier autostands
    • Hopefully fixed #3220 alien's mad rage
    • fixed endless loop in AI_PrepBestAction()
    • fixed G_IsInsane so raging actors don't lose their sanity
    • implemented #3742 rocketlauncher should show impact area
    • allow shaken actors to disable reaction if there are no valid settings.
  • Various
    • Merged new blender TAG import and export scripts.
    • Merged new Blender MD2 import and export scripts.
    • Re-enabled multiple 'extends' in the same UMP.
    • fixed #4944 error when setting worldspawn properties in .ump file
    • implemented #3446 allow rma cvar replacement to use map extensions
    • configure checks for some more libs now
  • Eclipse tools
    • DSL extension for mission alien team size

In total, 477 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in March.


Monthly update for February, 2013

In February, getting closer to a 2.5 release, most work was done in fixing bugs and improving existing features.

  • Engine
    • Simplify lightmap loader.
    • Implemented FR #4874 - "Event condition: research completed".
    • Partial cleanup in lightmap memory usage.
    • A lot of code refactorings and restructuring.
  • Campaign
    • Stingray Interceptor research requirements fixed.
    • Update production time with reduced employee count on firing a worker.
    • Better mission naming on Geoscape.
    • Updated research texts for Corrupter, Supply and Scout UFO.
    • Updated research text for alien Hovernet.
    • 'Live Aliens' event tip updated.
    • Updated Ufopedia text for Machine Gun.
    • Updated research text for Advanced Alien Propulsion.
    • Game now saves when player wins campaign.
    • Note about cameras in base defence mission briefing.
  • Battlescape
    • Activated control center for base cameras.
    • Reaction Fire: disabled the 'draw' mode for testing.
    • Do not force right-hand RF, use settings instead.
  • Maps
    • Improved lighting in Shelter map.
    • Various tweaks in 'Stadium', 'Alienbase' and 'Base' map.
    • Added new map tile to 'Frozen' RMA theme.
  • UI
    • Removed Mini- and Alternative HUD.
  • Translation
    • Norwegian translation update.
    • Update for the polish translation.
    • Updated po and pot files.
  • Artwork
    • New image for Particle Beam tech ufopedia entry.
  • Tools
    • Misc improvements to the Blender md2 and tag exporters.
    • Updated marker list blender script for latest blender.
  • Bugfixes
    • #4862 - "endless alien turn (fueldump map)"
    • #4877 - "Incorrect tip for weapons reload"
    • #4868 - "Invalid sounds in terrain.ufo"
    • #4855 - "Using an empty hand needs <ESC> to get mouse back"
    • #3412 - "Trigger_touch works for a single entity only"
    • #4847 - "impassable squares in 'Rivertown' map"
    • #3449 - "roof shown at wrong level in 'Laboratory' map"
    • Fixed window position saving in TexTool::shutdown
    • get rid of the console flodding in developer mode when a hud is active

In total, 291 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in February.


Support The Bug Genie

The Bug Genie, the free and open-source (FOSS) bug tracker we are using to develop UFO:AI, is looking for donations to continue development. The software has been improving for 11 years and is now looking for some financial support to continue development. This thing is pretty slick. We've found the tracker extremely useful, so please consider donating (top of the page).


"Hive Mind" released

Christy and Gary Bonn have released the first volume in their series of novels which follow the men and women of PHALANX as they battle to protect earth from alien invasion. Here's the blurb:

Commander Chuck McKenzie walks through an empty city, trying to work out how two million people have disappeared overnight, leaving little more than bloodstains.

One moment, Jeanette Hollingsworth flies coastal patrols and hunts diamond smugglers, the next, she’s ordered to command a state of the art fighter, to race eighty kilometres high and intercept vastly superior UFOs.

Gun runner and gang boss, Peter Telfer, finds himself conscripted into hand-to-hand combat with aliens. Quick-thinking and used to violence, Telfer believes he’s perfectly suited to take on these savage invaders.

Pulled from retirement, Commander Allan Craithie vows to keep his rookie soldiers alive, only to discover he’s their enemy too.

In a chilling few days, people are snatched from their everyday lives, by a mysterious organisation – and thrown into a secret war against invasion.

But behind the super-intelligent invaders and their deadly attacks lies a truth that horrifies both humans and aliens alike.

Nothing is as it seems and one revelation after another means it’s hard to know who, or what, the enemy is.

Read the whole book for free.


Monthly update for January, 2013

We're gearing up now for 2.5's release. It's not imminent, but we're starting to talk about where to draw the line on features, which is always a sign of progress. Here's what happened in January.

  • Engine
    • Support up to 12 soldiers in Skirmish and MP
  • Campaign
    • Increase limit on production queue items
  • Maps
    • Small fixes for solarplant, city_industry, office, stadium, africa, mansion, bungalow2
  • UI
    • Improved weight and TU information in equipment window
  • Translation
    • Norwegian, German, Spanish translations updated
  • Artwork
    • 10 new female soldier heads
    • New research image for alien detection
    • Performance improvements for smoke particles
  • Tools
    • New issue tracker for bugs, feature requests and patches
    • Fix for UFORadiant model viewer
    • Added MD2 and TAG exporters for Blender 2.63

New Issue Tracker

We have a new issue tracker. We imported more than 3,000 tickets (most closed) for old bugs, feature requests and patches from our Sourceforge tracker. All future reports should be made on the new tracker.

If you want to retain your account from the Sourceforge tracker, so that you can see tickets posted by or assigned to you, please send me a PM me on our forums with your Sourceforge username and the email address you want associated with your account. I will send you temporary login details.

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Monthly update for December, 2012

In December mattn finally solved the terrible multi-threading issue which was causing so much instability in 2.5-dev. It was a month full of bug fixes and small improvements.

  • Engine
    • Fixed multi-threading issues
  • Campaign
    • Added common Portuguese names to possible human names
    • Fixed bug that prevented Bomber UFOs from appearing
    • Make gender distribution of soldiers based on available models
    • Stop message sounds from playing when loading a game
    • Fixed live alien research
  • Battlescape
    • Footstep sounds updated
    • Grenade bounce rates changed
    • Experimental foliage system introduced
    • Stopped wounded message from appearing too early
    • Show actors killed by wounds/triggers/fire in mission results
    • Smoke fields no longer block explosives
  • Maps
    • More UFO tiles for several maps
    • Several map fixes
  • UI
    • Reimplemented Transfer UI backend
    • Added support for a flashing effect for UI buttons
  • Translation
    • Updates to Korean, Italian and German translations
  • Artwork
    • Several new soldier heads
  • Tools
    • Began to implement skin management in UFORadiant model viewer

In total, 469 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in December.