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We are currently trying to replace all our textures with GPLed versions - this is a task that is connected with a lot of work. That\'s where we could need your help again. We have a photo collection of GPLed raw data that is waiting for you to convert it into a nice looking texture. At the time of writing there are about 560 textures that are not GPLed in our repository. We added and replaced a few hundreds already but we could really need a few more hands for this.

The problem with the current textures is, that we just don't know the real licenses of them. They should all be free - but only free as beer. That is why we intend to replace all of them with proper GPLed ones. See the texture list for more information. Last but not least, we should mention that the textures should be 1:1 exchangeable with the current textures. Otherwise we have to update every single map where they are being used.


Furthermore there are still some languages that need some reviews for the 2.2 release. If you want to contribute, please head over to our wiki and start some paragraphs.


Mac testers needed

Some of you may have noticed that we finally have a mac port for intel and ppc now. All that we now need is... you. We need some testers to verify the network communication between mac and the other supported OS'ses. We need your feedback - and if you have the time and knowledge, we need someone who is able to package a universal binary. If you are such a person, feel free to join our irc channel for more information.



As already announced earlier, we've splitted the developement tree for the next stable release. Now we need your help again. There are still a lot of untranslated articles for some of the supported languages in our wiki. Please head over there and add some of the missings - even if you only add one paragraph of an ufopedia article.


Beta installers

We are close to feature freeze for the next major release. The new version 2.2 is coming along nicely and adds a lot of new features to the game. Due to the amount of new features we really need your help. We're preparing beta installers every few days to let some users report bugs. Please help us to find those bugs and fix them for the next release. All you have to do is to download the installers from here and report the bugs you've found on the bug tracker.


Searching for soundfiles

We recently introduced a lot of new sound functions into the game. We have death sounds, footsteps for different terrain and so on. What we now really need are soundeffects. If you want to contribute please read the contribute notes in our wiki. Please also make sure, that you use a compatible license for your source samples and for your final work - otherwise we can't include it into any release of UFO:AI. More information is in the above linked article.

For now we need lots of different footsteps for every kind of terrain. If you want to have a look what already exists, head over to our SVN. A list of different terrains (textures) is here.