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July 29, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 19:41  Feature request #5739 - Upgrade to MXML 3.x
geever : Issue created
The game is not compatible with MiniXML 3.x. Update the code to be compatible with the new version and bundle the new version for platforms not providing it.
July 07, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 13:16  Feature request #5737 - Missing resolution : 1600x900
geever : Issue closed
feature_request_tiny.png 13:13  Feature request #5738 - UI: Allow specifying custom video mode in Video Options
geever : Issue created
In Video Options, we offer valid video modes offered by the SDL2 library. In some cases SDL2 may not detect the native resolution of the monitor. There is a solution: set the vid_width and vid_height Cvars via command-line or config.cfg. BUT

It would be more user friendly to expose this setting on the UI.
July 05, 2019
bug_report_tiny.png 18:17  Bug report #5723 - Geoscape : AA51 missile launchers don't disappear from storage when equipped on a SAM site
geever : Issue closed
June 23, 2019
bug_report_tiny.png 10:29  Bug report #5506 - ufoai-2.4.9999.ebuild needs updating
geever : Issue closed
feature_request_tiny.png 09:45  Feature request #4038 - UFO Recovery suggestions
geever : Issue closed
June 16, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 10:04  Feature request #5737 - Missing resolution : 1600x900
tiredansletaman : Issue created
In the options, the screen resolution 1600x900 is not available. What I can do at best on a 1600x900 screen is 1440x900.
bug_report_tiny.png 09:55  Bug report #5736 - Campaign Intro : PHALANX logo messed up if you skip animation
tiredansletaman : Issue created
In the campaign intro, you can click to skip the animations of text and graphics. It works fine until the PHALANX logo appears. If you click to skip the animation, the shield will stop in at the bottom of the screen and the spears will appear in the middle, resulting in a messed-up logo.

I just tried clicking during the spears animation as well, and they stop in the middle of their course, too.

When skipping the animation of the shield, it should not stop where it is, but jump to its final location instead. Same for the spears.
bug_report_tiny.png 09:43  Bug report #5735 - Battlescape : Can't zoom out to see the entire map
tiredansletaman : Issue created
On small maps, I can zoom out to see the entire maps, but not on medium or big ones. Changing the zoom limits to the maximum in the options doesn't seem to change anything (it seems to work for zooming in, I can zoom in very close, but not for zooming out : I always seem to hit the same limit, even with a max at 12).
bug_report_tiny.png 09:36  Bug report #5734 - Battelscape : various camera issues
tiredansletaman : Issue created
* Concerning the camera effects when units are seeing each other :

Whenever a unit is seeing an other, or the gathering of TUs for a reaction shot starts, or the gathering of TUs for a reaction shot ends, or an opponent starts to shoot, the camera moves. But it doesn't just hop from one point to an other, it uses a travelling effect which is very annoying :

- this travelling effect starts with an acceleration of a second or two, ends with a deceleration of a second or two.

- the cruising speed of the camera is always the same, no matter the zoom, no matter the distance between the units it focuses on, you can't change it

- the camera position is often completely off the target it wants to show to the player

- sometimes the camera hits the border of the map before the end of its travelling. It ends up sliding stupidly against an invisible barrier (this can be the reason the camera is off sometimes, but I also suspect the zoom affects the camera accuracy)

- nothing happens when the camera moves, and the player can't perform any action. Most actions of the player (like looking at the stats of a unit) during the camera travelling will force the camera to jump somewhere else, after which the camera will jump back to its point of origin, and will restart the whole process again

- this travelling effect alone can't be disabled, but it can be disabled if you totally disable the "center view" option, which I'm going to talk about now.

*) Concerning the camera moves when the units are seeing each other (aka "centered view"):

Whenever a unit is being spotted, or an opponent fires at us, the camera moves to show us the unit, its move, and/or its possible target. This happens very often during a turn, too often I think.

- When an alien enters the fov of one of my soldiers, the camera focuses on the alien as it's being spotted, then on the soldier as it starts to accumulate TUs for a reaction shot, then on the alien again to show me which unit the soldier is aiming at, and when enough TUs have been gathered, the camera focuses on the soldier, and then the alien, and then the shot is taken. If the alien wants to take a shot while my soldier accumulate TUs, the camera will shift focus at least two more times. If the alien escapes the fov of my soldiers to enter it again, add an other round of camera focus changes on top of that. If the alien moves in an out of the fov many times in a row (like when it's walking in a building behind windows), it becomes very annoying.

- When civilians gather in a safe area, they will just stay there walking in circles until the area isn't safe anymore or the mission ends. If you happen to have a unit there, the camera will shift focus every time a civilian walks in or out of its fov.

- This can be disabled by unchecking the "center view" option. This way, most missions become much more enjoyable. On base defense missions, however, one can be tempted to check the option back, because in this kind of mission you have cameras, and it's very useful to track aliens, to count how many of them are remaining, and to know where a particular alien was wandering last. As an alien can pass in front of a camera for just a split second, and as the map is too big to be viewed entirely when zooming out, centering the view in this case is helpful. Also, the "center view" option is useful when you select your own units, because sometimes the halo effect on the selection ring is not enough to spot the selected unit quickly.

Anyway, if you add that horrible camera travelling effect on top of centered view, the missions can quickly drive you mad.

* What I suggest for camera travelling :

- give a way to customize the camera travelling effect : changing its speed, removing the acceleration/deceleration parts.

- fix the camera position problem

- make the camera stop against the border of the map when it hits it, rather than sliding against it

- more importantly and above all : give a way to *DISABLE* that camera travelling effect

* What I suggest for camera moves :

- reduce the number of camera moves. In the scenario above, there's no need to show us the soldier who has spotted the alien and/or is gathering TUs for a reaction shot. Just saying who it is is enough. For the TU gathering process there's a tooltip with the face of the soldier, if it's not enough you can add his name and/or highlight him on the map. If he's off-screen the player can simply zoom out to see him.

- when opening a window (like soldier view) the camera should either continue its travelling movement or be paused. The camera should not enter into a travelling loop.

- perhaps even disable the camera moves when the map is zoomed out enough to see all the involved actors. Simply highlight them to show to the player where the action is happening. The UI should be pointing stuff out, not grabbing your head and putting your face in it.

- give a way to disable the camera moves for a certain category of unit (or player). I know those civilians are safe in that garage, I don't want to anybody to remind me that they are walking in circles in there because they have nothing better to do.
June 14, 2019
bug_report_tiny.png 15:17  Bug report #5733 - Performance issues in UFO:AI
tiredansletaman : Issue created
Here are some performance issues I could spot while playing the campaign :

1) Market : after a couple of hours, selling/buying at the market is very slow : the duration between the click and the moment the item is actually sold/bought is very long (and gets longer and longer over time), restarting the program and reloading the saved game fixes this, so I suspect a memory leak

2) Geoscape : after a couple of hours, unpausing the geoscape is also very slow (I especially noticed this when I was sending my aicrafts on interception missions), I suspect a memory leak here too.

3) Over the course of a very long game all of the geoscape interface will get laggy, with delays on every click, similarly to the Market interface.

4) The Alien AI becomes slower and slower. I think it's the AI decision making that takes time because I don't hear any footsteps or shots

5) When starting a mission, there is a delay between the end of the mission loading and the moment the computer give you control and your turn starts. For a short period, the interface is frozen until you can play. This period can be between 0 to a few dozen seconds. I'm not 100% sure about this but I think this freeze period increases over the course of a campaign.

6) The freeze period mentioned in 5) also increases when you restart a mission. In the end it's more practical to ALt+F4 and reload the game than to Esc+Restart mission.
feature_request_tiny.png 15:08  Feature request #5732 - Battlescape : Features to prevent misclicks ?
tiredansletaman : Issue created
Misclicks can be so.goddam.freaking.annoying. And they happen so easily. Sometimes you want to click in the interface to select a firing order or to disable reaction shot, you misclick and your soldier ends up moving on the map.

Misclicks also happen easily when you want to select a guy.

What I suggest :

- Have a keyboard shortcut for each possible HUD action (crouch/get up, enable/disable reaction shot, select firing action, use IR goggles, open radar view, etc.).

- Use Ctrl+left click to select a guy and left click to move it (or make this an option).
bug_report_tiny.png 15:00  Bug report #5731 - Battlescape : different obstruction size for firebird dropships ?
tiredansletaman : Issue created
Battlescape : some Firebird dropships have a different obstruction size than others (some allow you to place soldiers in some corners, some don't). Is this intended or not ?
feature_request_tiny.png 14:58  Feature request #5730 - Base view : replace employees' lists by employees' tables ?
tiredansletaman : Issue created
Base view : Choosing the best soldiers/pilots to recruit when plenty are available can be quickly annoying. This is due to A) the interface lag, B ) the slowness of the scroll wheel/arrows, which forces you to use the slider ( see bug #5706 ) , C) the fact that you have to click every soldier and remember the values to be able to compare it with an other. I suggest to treat the list of soldiers as a table where you could sort them and select them on certain values.
feature_request_tiny.png 14:55  Feature request #5729 - Base view : Buildings 3D preview ?
tiredansletaman : Issue created
I never remember which buildings have a level above the ground and could obstruct the vision of, let's say, a sniper standing in the dropship hangar control tower :) It would be good to have a 3D preview of a building before you build it. This way you could now the obstruction size of the building above the ground in base defense missions, and if there's an external entry point. Having a preview of what the cameras would see when placing the building could be cool, too.
feature_request_tiny.png 14:52  Feature request #5728 - Base view : no popup for overloaded soldiers
tiredansletaman : Issue created
When you drag on a soldier an item that is too heavy for him, there is a pop up telling you you won't be able to perform certain actions, but then when you decide to remove a few small items from him, the message pops up for every item you drag off him. I think there should be a message displaying next to the soldier instead of an annoying popup.
bug_report_tiny.png 14:50  Bug report #5727 - Battlescape : particles are always visible
tiredansletaman : Issue created
When there are particles (rain, snow falling...) you can see them even when you're underground. I don't know if this is intended or not, but it looks a bit weird.
bug_report_tiny.png 14:48  Bug report #5726 - Base view : Soldiers view doesn't display health
tiredansletaman : Issue created
Soldiers view doesn't display health, and even in the dropship view, the health of soldiers is not always displayed.

The health of the soldiers should always be displayed, along the other skill levels.
feature_request_tiny.png 14:46  Feature request #5725 - Battlescape : "No snow" mode ?
tiredansletaman : Issue created
Snow maps are a bit agressive for the eyes, and the visibility of the semi-transparent selectors isn't optimal on them.

I don't know what's the better way to fix that. Change the brightness of the snow ? Make an option that replaces the white snow texture by a less agressive one ?

I would also like to see a more "obvious" selection ring for selected units. Even on non-snow maps, they're sometimes are to differentiate. Perhaps add a little arrow or something above the head of the selected unit ?
feature_request_tiny.png 14:21  Feature request #5724 - Base view : show ammo type in equipment view
tiredansletaman : Issue created
It would be nice if the EP magazines had that blue line also when equipped on a weapon, at least in the soldiers equipment view. I like to know at first sight what a soldier will fire with, without having to hover on the weapon each time.
bug_report_tiny.png 14:19  Bug report #5723 - Geoscape : AA51 missile launchers don't disappear from storage when equipped on a SAM site
tiredansletaman : Issue created
Geoscape : AA51 missile launchers don't disappear from storage when equipped on a SAM site : one AA51 launcher is enough to fill all SAM sites (I don't complain though, so consider this a low-priority bug :D )
bug_report_tiny.png 14:18  Bug report #5722 - Geoscape : flickering path lines
tiredansletaman : Issue created
The "path-to-target" line of interceptors tends to flicker between two interception points (one right and one wrong).
feature_request_tiny.png 14:17  Feature request #5721 - Base view : Clicking on an aircraft's silhouette should select the appropriate aircraft
tiredansletaman : Issue created
Clicking on an aircraft's silhouette leads you to the aircrafts window, but doesn't select the appropriate aircraft. This adds unnecessary clicks.
bug_report_tiny.png 14:16  Bug report #5720 - Battlescape : Hit chance percentage should reflect reality
tiredansletaman : Issue created
Sometimes I get a hit chance percentage when the line of fire is red on 90% of the way. Sometimes I get a small hit chance percentage when the line of fire is red 1 tile before the target, and usually this is right and I actually get a small chance of hitting the target. But I've already had some hit chance percentage above 50% when the shooter is behind a small obstacle (lets say, a wall corner), and the line of fire barely hits the wall corner, being red on most of the way. Despite the hit chance percentage, I never have a chance to hit the target in such a case. In other terms : when the line of fire is mostly red, a non-null hit chance percentage doesn't mean anything.
feature_request_tiny.png 14:15  Feature request #5719 - Battlescape : main hand auto-switch
tiredansletaman : Issue created
Whenever the main hand of a soldier is empty, one has to manually move the main weapon from the second hand to the first in order to be able to shoot, although this doesn't consume any TUs. This just adds unnecessary drag-and-drops. Switchin the weapon to the main hand when it's empty should be automatic.
feature_request_tiny.png 14:13  Feature request #5718 - Battlescape : Rework hovernet death animation ?
tiredansletaman : Issue created
The Hovernet death animation could be reworked : now it just looks like the hovernet becomes flat and flips over.
bug_report_tiny.png 14:12  Bug report #5717 - Battlescape : When a hovernet dies, the death animation replays for all dead hovernets on the map
tiredansletaman : Issue created
When a hovernet dies, the death animation replays for all visible dead hovernets on the map

Dead hovernets should stay DEAD
bug_report_tiny.png 14:00  Bug report #5716 - Battlescape : screams reflecting damage level ?
tiredansletaman : Issue created
The screams of human soldiers seem to be the same as the ones in xonotic. But contrarily to xonotic, they are played at random and do not reflect the level of helth remaining on the unit. For all those who are used to xonotic, this is confusing sometimes.

This is a really minor issue, but I suggest 3 possibilities :

- replace the xonotic screams by new, original ones (this is probably what's planned already ?)

- play a different scream depending on the health level of the unit (similarly to xonotic, with the same order if you keep the same sounds)

- play a different scream depending on the quantity of damage taken with the hit triggering the scream
bug_report_tiny.png 13:51  Bug report #5715 - Battlescape : Change civilian women's scream sound
tiredansletaman : Issue created
Civilian women's scream sound (the loud, pitchy one) is quite annoying (add it to bug #5714 and it's even more annoying ). It should be shorter in length and as discrete as the male civilian sound or soldier sound.
bug_report_tiny.png 13:49  Bug report #5714 - Battlescape : Civilians scream twice when killed
tiredansletaman : Issue created
Civilians scream twice when killed : once because they're hurt, a second time because they're dead (I guess that's the mechanism). Is it possible to play just the death sound when they die ? (I guess that would suppose that we wait for the alien to end its action to play the appropriate sound, I don't know if it's the case)
bug_report_tiny.png 13:45  Bug report #5713 - Battlescape : Hovernets' shape is confusing
tiredansletaman : Issue created
Hovernets' shape is confusing : you don't know in which direction they're looking at first glance.

Perhaps this is intended so you have to use the radar to fight hovernets without taking reaction fire, but if it's not, hovernets textures and/or models should be modified.
bug_report_tiny.png 13:43  Bug report #5712 - Battlescape : many radar issues
tiredansletaman : Issue created
The radar is very annoying : it show only a tiny portion of the map, and you have to move the radar window to see other portions of the map, which is quite counter-intuitive. The radar should follow at least camera position and zoom (and if possible, camera orientation in the xy plane). This way you could zoom out and see as much on the radar as you can see on the map.

Also, you have to stick the radar to the edge of the screen to see the very edge of the map. If you don't stick to the edge of the screen you won't see that alien on the edge of the map. There should be a gap around the map on the radar view.

bug_report_tiny.png 13:34  Bug report #5711 - Battlescape : dead bodies tend to flicker between two positions
tiredansletaman : Issue created
Dead humanoid bodies tend to flicker like they had an epileptic seizure. They should be static.
bug_report_tiny.png 13:31  Bug report #5710 - Battlescape (base) : the hole in the power plant's wall appears and disappear depending on camera position
tiredansletaman : Issue created
In the human base siege, the hole in the power plant's wall appears and disappear when you move the camera around. After the wall is blown up by the aliens, the hole is always present though.
bug_report_tiny.png 13:29  Bug report #5709 - Battlescape : the smoke on non-occupied tiles sometimes disappear when alien turn starts
tiredansletaman : Issue created
When launching a smoke grenade, the smoke on the tiles without soldiers sometimes disappear when the alien turn starts. This is only visual, the smoke appears again when the new human turn starts.

Smoke should not disappear when it's still present and still in the player's FOV.
bug_report_tiny.png 13:22  Bug report #5708 - Battlescape : the absence of bleeding doesn't always mean the unit can't be healed once more
tiredansletaman : Issue created
I don't know if this is the intended behavior or not, but most of the time, when you're healing a unit that's bleeding, you can't heal it when it's not bleeding anymore (you get the message "can't perform action : unit is not wounded"). However there are a few times where you can heal a unit that is not bleeding : the healing action works and restores HP. This is possible usually once or twice before you get the message "can't perform action : unit is not wounded" again.

I guess it should not be possible to heal a unit that is not bleeding. Or there should be an intermediary state ("hurt and not bleeding but healable") that should be visible on the UI (with, let's say, a yellow portrait instead of red or green, and a yellow "wounded" icon).
bug_report_tiny.png 13:14  Bug report #5707 - Battlescape : the green icon doesn't always mean the unit is not bleeding
tiredansletaman : Issue created
Sometimes the unit portrait appears green even when the unit is hurt and bleeding. When a unit is hit several times (with a needle burst, for example), one can even see the portrait turning red and green again.

I guess a unit portrait should always be red when the unit is bleeding.
feature_request_tiny.png 13:11  Feature request #5706 - Base view: up/down arrows are too slow
tiredansletaman : Issue created
In the base view, when there's a list (employees list, market, etc...), using the slider is the only sensible way to navigate. The up/down arrows are way too slow, same for the mouse wheel. I think :

- The arrows and scroll wheel should be faster.

- One should be able to use the PgUp/PgDwn keys to navigate even faster. ''Edit: actually you can, and it goes slightly faster. It's still ridiculously slow though.''

''Edit: It would be good to be able to use arrow keys and scroll wheel in the options too''
feature_request_tiny.png 09:18  Feature request #5705 - Geoscape : add an other speed between 5s and 5min
tiredansletaman : Issue created
It would be useful for air combat micromanagement. Currently, 5s is too slow and 5min is too fast.

Here is the ratio between all the speeds that are proposed in the geoscape interface :

5s -> 5m -> 20m -> 1h -> 12h -> 1d -> 5d
x60 x4 x3 x12 x2 x5

I suggest adding a 1m and perhaps a 20s too :

5s -> 20s -> 1m -> 5m -> 20m -> 1h -> 12h -> 1d -> 5d
x4 x3 x5 x4 x3 x12 x2 x5

June 11, 2019
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