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OPEN  Bug report #4957  -  UI2 first impression bugs
Posted Apr 11, 2013 - updated Aug 09, 2018
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Issue description
I know having more than one bug in a report is against the rules, but I volunteer to split this report once we have decided to treat them as high priority and assigned them to the apropriate devs. And I'm setting priority to 'vital' (against the rules) because 'you never get a second chance to make a first impression' ;) So here is a list of the first bugs Sandro encountered when testplaying a fresh game (saved from the IRC-log):

 16:30 	Sandro_sleepy 	8 ) first 2 laser resarches did complete at the same time, and there is no UFO sighting yet (april 7) ...
 16:32 	Sandro_sleepy 	... nothing to research ...
 16:44 	Sandro_sleepy 	... first UFO at APr23
 20:10 	Sandro_sleepy 	12) SHIVA rotary cannon does not have specs displayed in the equipment slot (unlike the laser cannon)
 20:12 	Sandro_sleepy 	also, gun change UI looks opaque to the player (no visual indication that old gun is being removed)
 20:18 	geever 	8: isn't it because shiva is not an ammo, but laser has a virtual ammo?
 20:19 	Sandro_sleepy 	looks likely
 20:23 	Sandro_sleepy 	13) no way to have a total list if items in storage
 20:25 	geever 	khm... there is a way IIRC...
 20:26 	Sandro_sleepy 	how?
 20:26 	geever 	but not a UI option (hackish), and lists items only...
 20:26 	geever 	setting invalid category on console ;)
 20:26 	Sandro_sleepy 	ewwwwww :(
 20:27 	geever 	I liked X-Com way better too, everything in one, sorted list
 20:27 		Sandro_sleepy 14) just got a production queue empty -- and forgot what he was set to produce :(
 20:27 	geever 	Makes it easier to do the shopping than 8 tabs
 20:28 	Sandro_sleepy 	true
 20:28 	geever 	Sandro_sleepy, you should have a message about production finished too (unless you disabled it)
 20:43 	Sandro_sleepy 	16) alien containment working before breathing apparatus? (I vaguely remember someone put up this question before)

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