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10% Radar range is disappearing all the time see forum thread: http://ufoai.org/forum/index.php/topic,8766.0.html still present in 2.6@9bfc4e5ba34a3b933d5b28e2... Bug report #5401
10% Unresolved team selection when skirmish mode game is repe... There is an unexpected behavior in situation when a new skirmish game is started after the end of another skirmish ga... Bug report #5690
0% mechanism of Orbital Rocket launcher Right now, after the Orbital Rocket Launcher is ready, the player gets a chance to shoot down the carrier.

Feature request #5278
0% aircraft_equip, several UI issues 05:12 ShipIt aDuke: in the aircraft menu, the 'Current Item In Slot' window clearly is not UI2 style yet 05:14 Sh... Bug report #5275
0% show difficulty level of campaign This info could be shown in the statistics screen. Right now, out of the game it is not easily possible to tell what ... Feature request #5356