Base Facilities/Ground Level Access

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This is an overview over which facilities have ground-level access, afact which may become strategically important if the aliens should ever find out where PHALANX's bases are located.

If the entrance(s) face a specific direction this is annotated .

Human Base Facilities

(version 2.4)

Starting Facilities

Facility Size (W x H) Ground Access
Alien Containment 2x1 no
Command Center 1x1 no
Entrance 1x1 yes (South)
Hospital 1x1 no
Laboratory 1x1 no
Large Hangar 2x1 yes (1xW, 2xE)
Large UFO Hangar 2x1? ?
Living Quarters 1x1 no
Missile Battery 1x1 no
Power Plant 1x1 no
Radar 1x1 yes (Tower in SE corner)
Small Hangar 1x1 no
Small UFO Hangar 1x1? ?
Storage 1x1 no
Training Simulator 1x1? no?
Workshop 2x1 yes (2xN, 1xS)

Researchable Facilities

Facility Size (W x H) Ground Access
Laser Turret 1x1 no
Antimatter Storage 1x1 no
Advanced Radar 1x1 no