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Blueprints -- Hospital


PHALANX Extraterrestrial Response Unit

Construction Precis, Sigma Clearance -- Commander's Eyes Only

Filed: 19 March 2084

By: Surgeon-Captain Helen Floydd, Medical Division, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command



This conflict is going to be ugly, Commander. In order to treat the heavily-injured battlefield casualties we're going to see, we need advanced facilities with equipment no standard civilian or military hospital has available. This much is obvious; hundreds died needlessly in Mumbai hospitals because no proper machinery was available to treat the horrific bone-deep plasma burns inflicted by the alien weapons. We must be better prepared than that.

The old PHALANX hospital designs are woefully inadequate to deal with the coming storm. They have never been updated since their creation in 1960 and contained little to no purpose-designed equipment. In the end we've had to completely replace them with new plans created by myself, with the help of Cdr. Navarre and our building experts. How the previous management expected to deal with battle wounds from unknown alien weaponry I will never know.

As it stands, our hospital facilities are now the finest in the world. We are the leading experts in treating burn trauma, especially the removal and regeneration of charred tissue. We encourage injured flesh to regrow itself through intensive therapy which includes a heavy course of drugs, electrical nerve and muscle stimulation, and nanobot infusions directly into the wound. Theoretically, we should be able to restore any living human being to full health in six weeks. This includes psychological evaluation and injury counselling. Lighter injuries will of course take less time to heal.

We also have facilities to carry out amputation and major bionic surgery. Powerful cybernetic limbs have been made available to us by our military sources around the world, as well as armoured torso cages, electronic eyes and other internal machinery. These can be installed into our soldiers at the Hospital facility to upgrade their combat efficiency if we can afford the high cost and convalescence time.

The Hospital requires a Power Plant to fuel its high and continuous electricity demand.

Recommended Doctrine

Every base with armed-response troops should contain a Hospital for treatment. If there is no PHALANX Hospital available, soldiers will have to be sent out to standard hospitals where suboptimal treatment could result in a permanent loss of ability or even death.

The advantages of upgrading our soldiers with mechanical parts should be obvious. These procedures can only be performed on a healthy body; convalescing troops who have sustained recent physical hardships or surgery must complete their convalescence before they can become eligible for bionic upgrades. Keep in mind also that bionic limb or eye replacement may have a negative impact on the patient's morale.

Tactically, the Hospital is a moderate threat area. The aliens may try to kill our wounded and deprive us of proper medical facilities, but it is relatively unlikely that any attackers would select the Hospital as their primary target. Still, if we are attacked, a guard should be posted at the Hospital immediately.