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Blueprints -- Laboratory


PHALANX Extraterrestrial Response Unit

Construction Precis, Sigma Clearance -- Commander's Eyes Only

Filed: 02 October 2021

By: Dr. Richard Strohm, R&D: Bio & Containment Division, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command



There is a reason why PHALANX labs have been considered the best in the US for the past 50 years. We invented aircraft Stealth technology in the 1960s with the XD4 stealth interceptor and have remained at the forefront with the first production of artificial spider silk four years ago. These are the results of combining the brightest people with the finest equipment available. By keeping ourselves at the forefront, we ensure readiness against a possible extraterrestrial threat.

Our new laboratories are equipped for any kind of research; biotechnology, nanotechnology, high-energy lasers, particle physics and more. There is nothing that can fit inside the laboratory's walls that cannot be properly studied, dissected or disassembled. It comes standard with growing vats that can create any organic matter we might need, hologram projectors for testing and 3D simulation, laser and maser installations, a miniature tokamak fusion chamber for plasma research, and a powerful particle accelerator.

Any one of these installations would cost a fortune for a civilian operation or military contractor, but due to our experience and efficiency, we can build and maintain all of them at a fraction of the cost. Project times are also greatly reduced by having many types of equipment available at a moment's notice. Our high-level research makes full and continuous use of all of it.

As long as we keep receiving the funding we need, the laboratory will remain one of the most essential parts of our defence strategy. In order to defeat any enemy, we must first come to know him, perhaps even understand him. To do that we'll need the best research facilities humanity can build, and ours are it.

The Laboratory requires a working Power Plant and Command Centre to function.

Recommended Doctrine

Our scientists don't need a lab to live in a base, but they can't do their work without one. We should construct and operate as many labs as may be needed and/or affordable. All extraterrestrial technology must be analysed and reverse-engineered (if possible) as soon as we can.

As laboratories go, ours are quite cost-effective to build and provide work space for up to 10 scientists each, working full-time.

During a possible base attack, they are a moderate-priority target. If extraterrestrial attackers are aware enough of our existence to attack our bases directly, they will most certainly want to shut down our research programs. There are easier targets that can threaten the survival entire base -- especially the power plant -- but if presented as a target of opportunity, the EXTs may very well take the time to set off explosives inside the lab, which tends to be full of volatile substances. Severe damage to the base could result if our labs are not adequately protected.


Addendum, Dr. Dolan Connor, 16 March 2084:

Reviewing the files on PHALANX laboratory facilities, I have concluded that these blueprints were well ahead of their time. The design is still viable and can be adapted to our use with only minor equipment upgrades.