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TO: Base Commander, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command

FROM: Cdr. Paul Navarre, R&D: Engineering Division, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command

DATE: %02i %s %i

SUB: Blueprints -- Antimatter Storage


The Antimatter Storage facility is designed to safely store antimatter for later use, at least as safely as antimatter can possibly be stored. It is based around an advanced magnetic containment system we've derived from alien antimatter technology, which we call the 'inner shell'. The 'outer shell' consists of several radiation airlocks over the main passages, a heavily-armoured control room, and a host of other security and containment measures -- all designed to keep any radiation inside the outer shell.

The outer shell's design borrows heavily from that of UN nuclear ammo dumps. In case of problems in the inner shell, there's an automatic security system which will lock down the instant containment drops below safe levels. The facility will first close its blast doors, then secure every airlock with tungsten locking rods, fill the outer shell atmosphere with radiation-retardant gas and inject anti-shock foam behind the walls, and then try to contain the inevitable blast.

This procedure will not give any personnel caught inside time to escape, but that's the price we'll have to pay if we want to have a chance of saving the entire base.

To understand how dangerous this facility really is, building an Antimatter Storage at one of our bases will require us to list that base with the UN nuclear site register. At full capacity -- 10 grammes of antimatter -- just one storage facility will be containing the equivalent of nearly half a megaton of TNT. While this isn't much compared to modern thermonuclear weapons, it's enough to turn the entire base and everything inside to cinders in less than a second. It's difficult to 'blow up' antimatter, but under the wrong circumstances, it can happen.

Even if no explosion occurs, a loss of containment would result in the annihilation of the stored antimatter with the normal matter of the containment system. If there were any fault or damage in the outer shell at this point, then the ensuing blast of gamma radiation and high-speed particles would escape and strip the area clean of life. The base would be poisoned and rendered uninhabitable for centuries to come.

Recommended Doctrine

I believe I've already stressed that this facility must be the most heavily-defended building in any PHALANX base, taking priority even over the Command Centre. Losing the CC would be a blow, but it can be rebuilt. The cost would be a trifle compared to the kind of armageddon that can result from a mishap at the Antimatter Storage.

Although this facility will be essential to our continued success in this war, it's going to be very expensive to build and operate due to the advanced tech and materials required. It may be necessary to hold off on building one until we're sure our budget can stretch that far.

Having said that, until we manage to build one of these facilities, we'll be completely unable to store or use any recovered antimatter. We can't just build up a pile of unstable, alien, possibly-damaged tanks of nuclear-level explosive. Everything we find will have to be destroyed for safety.

Considering that we can't duplicate the stuff, we're going to need every microgramme we can get our hands on.




Research Tree Data

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 Antimatter (Automatically researched when Antimatter is finished)
 Enables construction -- Antimatter Storage