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Language name Native name Code Page link
Bulgarian Български bg_BG Translation:Laser txt/bg_BG
Chinese 中文 zh_CN Translation:Laser txt/zh_CN
Czech česky cs Translation:Laser txt/cs
Danish dansk da Translation:Laser txt/da
Dutch Nederlands nl_NL Translation:Laser txt/nl_NL
English English en Translation:Laser txt/en
Estonian eesti et Translation:Laser txt/et
French Français fr Translation:Laser txt/fr
German Deutsch de
Greek Ελληνικά el Translation:Laser txt/el
Hungarian Magyar hu Translation:Laser txt/hu
Italian Italiano it Translation:Laser txt/it
Japanese 日本語 ja Translation:Laser txt/ja
Korean 한국어 ko Translation:Laser txt/ko
Norwegian Norsk (bokmål) no Translation:Laser txt/no
Polish polski pl Translation:Laser txt/pl
Portuguese Português pt Translation:Laser txt/pt
Portuguese (Brazil) Português (Brasil) pt_BR Translation:Laser txt/pt_BR
Russian Русский ru Translation:Laser txt/ru
Slovene slovenščina sl Translation:Laser txt/sl
Spanish español es Translation:Laser txt/es
Spanish (Spain) español (España) es_ES Translation:Laser txt/es_ES
Swedish svenska sv Translation:Laser txt/sv
Thai ไทย th Translation:Laser txt/th
Turkish Türkçe tr Translation:Laser txt/tr
Finnish suomi fi Translation:Laser txt/fi
Ukrainian українська uk Translation:Laser txt/uk