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The TODO entry for this version is located here: 2.0


Changes since last released version

Not yet released.

Note: These changes also went into the next version 2.1. Since development went a bit too fast :) we decided to skip a final 2.0 release and skip directly to UFO:AI 2.1. Sorry for the confusion. -- The UFOAI Development Team


  • Weapon balance tweaks
  • Auto-equip tweaks
  • More tooltips and improved HUD button behavior


  • Lots of bug fixes including:
    • Crash on startup under Windows 2000 professional
    • Windows directX Sound driver is working again
    • #1550219 Display corrupted by white textures
    • #1599253 Reproducable crash in alien round
    • #1598658 Cannot change snd engine back to sdl from alsa
    • #1598550 Base-layout mixup during base-defense
    • #1560368 Body blocks line of fire
    • #1542759 Aliens drop their inventory before death animation
    • #1526986 Aliens shoot at dead soldiers
    • #1537104 Alien spotted from wrong soldier
    • #1537122 Update of movement between crouch/standing up
    • #1597268 Error decompressing data in 'slotX'
    • #1599131 Gamecalendar vs. storyline
    • Fixed display of targetting cursor when aiming at a person or alien
    • Synchronise death messages with death animations
    • Corrected tilt for rocket after firing the rocket launcher at a vertical angle
    • Numerous map fixes: #1567986, #1598703, #1601865, #1541957, #1601968, #1597871, #1562192, #1567659
  • checked and balanced the new weapons
  • TODO - finish this list


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