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UFO: Alien Invasion 2.0-RC2 (Released: 2006-06-16)

  • A lot of new models
  • at least 9 new weapons
    1. Stun Rod
    2. Smoke Grenade
    3. Plasma Blaster
    4. Grenade Launcher
    5. Plasma Blade
    6. Bolter Rifle
    7. Kerrblade
    8. Tachyon Pistol
  • Messagesystem implemented
  • IR goggles code
  • Translations
    • Some translations will be released with this release (english, german, russian)
    • translation of menus are now possible
  • ufos on geoscape (interception not yet implemented)
  • New font engine - uses SDL_ttf
  • Basemanagement:
    1. more than one aircraft possible
    2. some new maps for buildings (radar, teamroom...)
  • Research system implemented
    1. Buildings+Bases are now stored differently to enhance the research and production system.
    2. Research now supports more than one laboratory
  • New internal storage system for global data like the bases/building, the techtree and a lot more. This will help us with saving/loading.
  • Multiplayer:
    • new serverbrowser functions for multiplayer
    • new cvars for multiplayer
      1. sv_enablemorale [0|1] to activate or deactive morale in a multiplayer game
      2. maxsoldiers [1..8] sets the maximum allowed soldiers per team
      3. maxsoldiersperplayer [1..8] sets the maximum allowed soldiers per player in teamplay mode
  • new campaign selection menu
  • Bugs fixed:
    • #1459259 there is no reaction fire?
    • #1443163 Reaction fire fires at all guys around
    • #1459713 Armored soldiers appear as purple diamonds

Development notes: