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UFO: Alien Invasion 2.0-RC3 (Released: 2006-07-19)

  • Additional to the global list a 'per-click list' was implemented
e.g.: If multiple targets are in the same spot popup a list with only these entries.
  • Bugs fixed:
  1. #1514762 Inventory slots somewhat off
  2. #1510498 Error in options menu (sound)
  3. #1502681 Screenshot command will crash in other than 1024x768...
  4. many others (TODO: Grab the list from bugtracker)
  • new day and night versions for frozen, tropic and oriental themes (see Random map assembly)
  • extented the UFOpedia (new menu, more infos)
  • New technologies in research.ufo
  • Updated weapon and armor stats
  • New and updated translations available
  • light and heavy armored models for blue (Antarean)
  • some more day/night versions for "normal" maps
  • grenades, grenade laucher and plasma blaster that fire over obstacles no longer have hard-coded range
  • some broken models repaired (export problems, probably)