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UFO: Alien Invasion 2.0-RC4 (Released: 2006-08-29)

  • New menu for assigning weapons and shields to aircraft.
    • New shields and weapons for aircraft (technologies).
  • Changed soundcode to dynamic loadable sound drivers (see cvar snd_ref)
    • SDL sound for windows is working.
    • New arts sound driver for linux.
  • Dedicated server for windows
  • Improved tutorial.
  • Updated translations.
  • Aircraft selection on geoscape.
  • Some research tweaks.
  • Implemented the use of alien armor.
  • Descriptions for
  • New production system.
  • Difficulty settings are now campaign dependent.
  • Chat button for multiplayer on HUD
  • Extended menu if statements.
  • Interceptions (not fully implemented atm).
  • Updated weapon stats.
  • Updated particles.
  • New models and their particles:
  • Aliens equipped differently for different missions.
  • A lot of new and needed sounds by Karen Pease (meqme@dauqghtersoftqiresias.oqrg -- remove qs to despammify)
  • Soldiers, scientists, etc. are added at the end of each month by nations depending on their mood.
  • Multiple ammo for the same weapon can be loaded and reloaded.
  • Half-used clips are gathered and correctly accounted for.
  • Lots of unnecessary ".0" in the GUI (relic of the abstract range units) are removed.
  • New buildings for base view.
    • Workshop
    • Hospital
  • New beta map (see also List of Maps)
    • dam01
  • Buges fixed:
    • #1545854 - After research is finished, Scientists go away
    • #1544631 - Map terrain08d (access fixes)
    • #1447434 fixed gamma for win32
    • Fixed multiplayer.
    • Fixed some bugs about wrong indices for multiplayer and savegame exchange (sort file lists)
    • #1461639 Soldier equipment vanishes on mission retry
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