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UFO: Alien Invasion 2.0-RC6 (Released: 2006-11-15)

  • A revamped music score thanks to Psymong's new tracks
  • Reaction-fire finally works (reasonably well)
  • Confirm-movement feature
  • One-handed weapons can now be used while holding certain two-handed weapons (but firing of the two-handed weapon in this state is disabled)
  • Some new missions
  • Heavy-laser model is now textured! (thanks to CeoBohga)
  • Improved grenade targetting options and modes
  • Isometric mode option
  • New perspective mode zoom behavior to reduce distortion #1549194
  • Cursor positioning improvements (#1474624 & #1560368)
  • Tab key now cycles through soldiers on the battlescape
  • Higher quality plasma particle effects
  • Fade between music tracks
  • Text boxes are now scrollable (mouse-wheel scrolling works too!)
  • Keybinding tooltips for the HUD
  • Keybinding options menu
  • Radar coverage displayed on the Geoscape when setting up a second or subsequent base
  • First-person camera mode enhancements (including #1549286, note however that first-person view mode is still quite buggy)
  • Compression for saved-game files (file-size reduced from ~5MB to ~20kB)
  • Some general HUD improvements (HUD reload button now greys out in move-mode if insufficient TUs will remain after the move)
  • More alt(ernative)-hud improvements and bugfixes (chat buttons, reload-left, #1534457)
  • IR Goggles are now affordable!
  • Numerous bug fixes including:
    • Multiplayer server security fixes
    • Fixed all "CL_UpdateHireVar" errors (e.g. #1564035)
    • #1568183 saving games no longer causes crashes (or corrupt saved-games)
    • Properly fix the SDL "...could not generate font surface" error
    • Fixed an engine bug which caused visibility blocking (#1566912, #1586192)
    • Secondary weapon animation fix #1595141
    • Menu tweaks & fixes (Multiplayer, Aircraft, Ufopedia) including #1573786, #1566623, #1567820, #1586095. #1567102
    • #1553397 Confirm new settings dialogue after changing resolution mode
    • #1568685 Cleanly handle out-of-disk-space errors when saving a game or team
    • Soldier promotion fixed
    • More base-defense fixes including #1571874 (base-under-attack status should now clear properly after a successful base-defense)
    • Switching between multiplayer and single-player modes should now be safe (e.g. #1563368, #1551013)
    • Starting a multi-player server with no team will automatically create a new team
    • #1531412 Credit sequence illumination
    • An item is no longer produced if the number of items to manufacture is set at zero
    • Research can't be undertaken without a finished laboratory
    • Stunned alien count now correctly reported in end-mission statistics
    • #1536004 No more incorrect "Build a research-lab first" messages with multiple bases
    • A bunch of map fixes (e.g. #1573242, #1595066, #1595067, #1595060, #1562192)
    • Numerous changes to improve sound and graphics stability (e.g. crashes on startup)
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