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UFO: Alien Invasion 2.0-RC5 (Released: 2006-09-27)

  • FreeBSD port
  • Vastly improved alien artificial-intelligence and tactics
  • Tri-state reaction-fire toggle feature
  • Corrected reaction-fire logic (with friendly-fire minimisation)
  • Aliens can now appear in armor, throw grenades and will use deadlier fire-modes, although they must now also reload their weapons when out of ammo
  • Salvaged items displayed after mission
  • Camera tilt as low as 35 degrees in 3rd Person Battlescape view is now possible
  • Medikit and IR-goggles can be thrown
  • Campaign mission anti-repetition fixes
  • AltHUD (alternative HUD)improvements including soldier morale display
  • Soldier stat generation tweaked so soldiers become more elite in specific roles
  • Numerous balancing tweaks
  • Slightly faster map loading in single-player mode
  • Fixed some mission locality names and co-ordinates
  • Experimental cmake support
  • New weapon model: Heavy Laser (note: help is needed to texture this model)
  • Updated and improved translations
  • Numerous bug fixes including:
    • #1551805 - Soldier reacts on enemy even if line of fire is blocked
    • #1549923 - Blank screen at mission start
    • #1554953 - Crash at too many employees
    • #1508975 - Error: No free inventory space!
    • #1535229 - Grenades cannot be thrown downward
    • #1555567 - Crash at resolutions below 1024x768 due to font issues
    • #1550770 - Ships getting confused (interceptor selection issue)
    • #1542086 - Base-attack status never ends
    • #1550350 - Civilians appear in alien skins
    • Various fixes for division by zero errors, memory leaks and references to freed memory
    • Many map issues (clipping, stepon and textures as well as starting positions)
    • Victory tally, nation happiness statistics and rewards reflect player performance
    • Research dependencies and progress after loading a saved-game
    • Many inventory handling bugs
    • For a more verbose list of changes since the RC4 release see the following link: Bugfixes since 2.0-RC4

Special thanks to everyone who has helped make this release possible, including some new contributers: LordHavoc, sheldonh, Rani, Jiten, ubequitz, elbenfreund, acardenas, Kerner, Rei, pleiades, zapo, qackers, noob, tomshackell and numerous others!!!