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OPEN  Bug report #5243  -  Game hang if there are only panicked aliens left
Posted Dec 19, 2013 - updated Dec 15, 2014
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Issue description
If there are only panicked aliens in game left, game stop to response to user stimuli and eat whole processor core. There is console log showed after pressing ctrl+c in console 10 minutes since game hangs and there was only one panicked alien left in game.

<pre> round start for team 7 STATS Uoorgh Ts Sru Hmpfr is bleeding (damage: 11) STATS Character Uoorgh Ts Sru Hmpfr HPs: 23; from: 169; damage: 11; new HPs: 12 STATS Uoorgh Ts Sru Hmpfr panics (entnum 83). Received signal 2, quitting.. Wrote config.cfg. Shutdown server: Server quit. Unload the game library Shutdown gametype 'Campaign mode' Disconnecting... Client stream was closed Remove pending event EV_ACTOR_MOVE Remove pending event EV_ACTOR_REACTIONFIRETARGETUPDATE Remove pending event EV_ACTOR_REACTIONFIREREMOVETARGET Used inventory slots after battle: 0 Wrote keys.cfg FS_RemoveFile: remove /home/preema/.ufoai/2.6-dev/base/keys.cfg recursive shutdown </pre>

Steps to reproduce this issue
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