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geever (@geever) has been working on this issue since April 12, 2013 (22:21)
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Against all rules, this is more than one issue and it's prio 'vital'. Bear with me.

14:50 Sandro_sleepy 3) also, it's window still says ambigous "days to build" instead of "days until built/completed" 14:50 Sandro_sleepy .. sorry, "Time to build"

14:54 Sandro_sleepy 4) arming sequence for SAM requires non-obvious action -- clicking at empty slot. user typically would expect that game will select an empty slot for you from the beginning (it is pointless NOT to select it). same goes for the single available weapon -- no reason to have it unselected 15:26 H-Hour Sandro_sleepy, 1/2 should be bug reports. 3/4 FR. lots of small usability issues like this around, but good to have them reported. someone might even improve them. smileys/2.png

16:04 Sandro_sleepy 5) "research completed" emails could have a link to the base which did the research
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