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This issue has been closed with status "Closed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
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161623 Sandro_sleepy 7) report on CW laser says that exhaust of DF laser could be radiocative -- it is false, resulting gas is rad-safe. it is highly toxic and corrosive though. especially toxic -- exposure could lead to lethal fluorine poisoning. within seconds in case of inhalation

I guess this issue can be healed by deleting two words, ie. "or radioactive" from the mail.

20:38 Sandro_sleepy 15) breathing apparatus text indirectly assumes that more than one racial type of apparatus have been examined (gas composition section -- some aliens have similar atmosphere to ours, some are not) 20:40 Sandro_sleepy it could be saved by rewording text a bit -- by sayng that hardware is designed for multiple preset gas mixtures, not that the multiple versions of hardware were recovered from the battlefield

20:44 Sandro_sleepy 17 Stun Rod proposal assumes that I've met a Blood Spider -- and I did not 20:45 Sandro_sleepy guess rewording into the ".. even the robotic ones we can encounter .." will be reasonable
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