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  • [done] UFO - Gunboat
  • [done] Alien - Hovernet/Combat Hovernet
  • [done] Alien - Combat Bloodspider
  • [done] Geoscape model for the orbital rocket launcher
  • [done] Geoscape image for the orbital rocket launcher
  • [done] New images for new armour models
  • [done] Hybrid Missile model
  • [done] Hybrid Rocket model
  • [done] Model for Alien EW Suite
  • [done] Model for Antimatter Bolter Ammo
  • [done] Model for late-game aircraft armour upgrade
  • [done] Fix smoke particle bug #2764 as well as the forum: performance issue which apparently forum: effects pretty good machines too.


  • [done] Add cameras to phalanx base map.
    • [done] bug #3412 needs to be fixed
  • [done] During game balancing the number of aliens was raised for some UFO types. We need to check the mapdefs to fit those numbers. Else, this will possibly cause a regression in the map diversity. And if we raise the maxaliens parameter in the mapdef, we need to make sure there are enough spawnpoints on the map.
    • It seems the game doesn´t take this numbers into accout when selecting a map. So this is no problem at all. --ShipIt (talk) 11:59, 3 September 2013 (CEST)


  • [done] Make the game end in victory when player shoots down Carrier.
  • [done] fr#4127 Create a savegame on campaign end

Game Features

  • [done] Pilot skills
  • [done] Support for 8+ soldiers
  • [done] Campaign balancing
  • [done] Abort a mission if no alien was seen for X rounds


  • [done] some msgids are being cut at parse time (exceed the size of com_token) see bug #3353