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Version 2.5

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Things have been done Things to do


  • New soldier models
  • Support more than 8 soldiers
  • Dozens of new soldier characters
  • All weapons rebalanced
  • Added the UFO-Gunboat
  • Wounds system
  • Switched translation system from wiki to UFO-script
  • Improved AI
  • Improved render speed
  • Implemented stun gas grenade
  • Three new alien races (Hovernet, Combat Hovernet and Combat Bloodspider)
  • Added remote camera support
  • Added mission briefing window
  • New soldier weapons: Encased Plasma Ammo, Hybrid RPG Ammo, Antimatter Bolter Ammo
  • Weight/encumbrance system
  • Soldier stats increase faster
  • Foliage support
  • Implement save game and team sharing via WebAPI
  • Fully Debian compliant licenses


  • Updated transfer screen
  • Updated research screen
  • Equip soldiers without assigning to an aircraft
  • Air combat rebalanced
  • Disassembly times and rewards rebalanced
  • Tech tree modified significantly
  • Number of UFOs dramatically reduced
  • Added memo system to inform players of key mechanics


  • Mumble support
  • Added Remote Console support to the initial multiplayer window
    • Added server window to change the number of soldiers and turn timer


  • +bridge supports more assembly variation and the crashed scout
  • +africa updated
  • +alienb got a new tile and a second possible layout
  • +village2 theme