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A camera allows the specified team to increase their view radius. misc_camera is only available in single player mode.

To add a camera right click on any 2D view window to bring up the Context menu. Choosing 'Create entity' and select misc_camera.

The spawnflags property is used to set levelflags for the model.


  • origin: the position of the model
  • spawnflags: level flags, rotate
  • team: the team this camera belongs to
    • 0 = civilian
    • 1 = phalanx
    • 7 = alien (will not effect AI behaviour at this time)
  • targetname: the id of this entity
  • active: 1 = active, 0 = inactive. You can define whether this camera is active (or whether it must be activated by e.g. a trigger_touch)
  • group: This e.g. allows several cameras to be turned on/off by one trigger_touch.