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UFO: Alien Invasion 2.1.0 (Released: 2007-04-01)

Note: The release was just called 2.1 instead of 2.1.0 in some places.


  • New features:
    • Transfer stuff and aliens from one base to another.
    • Close geoscape popups by (left-)clicking somewhere else.
    • Limits for amount of hired employees, determined by Living Quarters facility.
    • Aircraft buying and selling.
    • Damage radius for grenades.
    • Live-display of TUs when dragging things in the inventory in battlescape and display of the various TU costs for each 'place'.
    • MacOSX dedicated server and some alignment fixes for PPC.
    • Updated targeting and tracing code.
    • Scrolling for text nodes (e.g. via mouse scroll wheel) - especially useful for the UFOpedia and the campaign descriptions:
      • #1531334 Scrollable text for research descriptions & similar text (+GUI).
      • Scrolling in the Production menu (see [1] for the old way)
      • Scrolling for the Hire menu.
      • Cursor Up and Cursor Down will scroll one line up/down (hold key to repeat).
      • PgUp and PgDown will scroll multiple lines up/down. (hold key to repeat).
    • Basic implementation of a flashbang (should basically counter reaction fire).
    • A new menu to show the keybindings.
    • Optional "Double-Click" move system.
    • Production queuing.
    • Scriptable skill and ability values for character (campaign.ufo).
    • Geoscape clouds (they move wrong right now).
    • Background music fading.
    • Improved zooming.
    • Implemented basics for Hospital facility.
    • PNG support.
    • Screenshots can now be saved in TGA, PNG or JPG format.
    • Added code in order to use ammo in several weapons (e.g the flechette shells usable in the micro-shotgun as well as the riot-shotgun).
    • Pre-research descriptions are now supported.
    • We can enable topics for research when one or more similar items have been researched. (i.e. a require_OR next to a require_AND list).
    • Debug design change: #ifdef DEBUG checks used for developer tools (some might call them cheats) should be changed to COM_CheckParm("-developer"), or an equivalent global variable that is set on startup, this enables modders to use the development tools but hides them from users (suggested by LordHavoc).
    • Extended weapon and ammo combinations (todo page link):
      • This brought us multiple weapons that can use the same ammo with different stats (this brought with it a redesign for multiple firemodes per ammo for each weapon it can be used in).
      • In order to effectively use the newly added multiple firemode (i.e. more than 2) we now have a nice dropdown list for each weapon similar to the way it worked in original UFO.
    • Alien Containment facility:
      • Collecting aliens and alien bodies after the mission.
      • Alien Containment menu (right click on Alien Containment facility in base).
    • New way to collect items and aliens after a mission - now they are being loaded to aircraft and unloaded when dropship lands in base (coders: see CL_DropshipReturned()).
    • Autosell option in Buy/Sell menu to decide whether autosell item after collecting or not.
    • Option to change skin for all soldiers loaded to aircraft.
    • #1557828 Improving skills by gaining experience.
  • Multiplayer
    • IRC client integrated for multiplayer.
    • Multiplayer team selection after you've connected (to be able to select a team that is not already in use) (see cvar teamnum).
    • Master server implementation in Template:Path.
    • Maxteams support (worldspawn property) - make this a server cvar too.
    • Logfile output on server console to be able to generate a log (and create a ladder someday).
    • Version check and checksums to prevent cheating (checksums for ufo-script files are still not implemented - only for maps).
    • Support for script definable gametypes (dedicated server and listen server).
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixes for isometric mode (culling fixes).
    • Lots of map bugfixes like stepon and clipping flags as well as player starting positions.
    • Merged bugfixes from 2.0-RC5 to 2.1-devX.
    • #1621538 Research from only 1 base.
    • Fixed order of entries in production menu (it was messed up because of non-produceable items were taken into account).
    • Fixed Collecting alien artifacts problem.
    • Fixed UFOpedia behaviour in various ways, including presence of pre-research technology descriptions.
  • Other
    • Code cleanup for easier ports (e.g. Template:Path).
    • The problem why exported models from Blender didn't show up correctly in-game was an (MD2) exporter problem. See here.


  • Added scroll icons for scrollable textboxes.
  • Lots of textures added for mapping purpose.
  • "heli2" military-texture objects/aircraft/heli2
  • "van2" texture by Yoshiboy.
  • Various "boat" textures by Yoshiboy (see objects/boat).



(See also the list of maps)

  • New map "estate01".
  • New map "bridge01".
  • New map "industrial06".
  • New map "oriental05".
  • New building map "Alien containment" (initial building). Read more about it here: Alien Containment Facility.
  • New random map tiles for tropic.
  • New random map theme country.


  • new mission tracks from Alex Parker
  • many new weapons sounds thanks to Alex Parker (including Bolter Rifle & Machine Pistol)