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Cvars are available for dynamic configuration of the engine. You can always get a list of cvars by typing


to the console. See commands for more information.

We also have tab completion for the console. Just type the first letter(s) and hit Tab.


See also Cvars/Multiplayer.

Values in square brackets ('[' and ']') contain the possible possible values for each cvar. Do not leave them in.

vid_grabmouse [1|0]

Install or uninstall the mousegrab.

vid_fullscreen [1|0]

Fullscreen- or windowed-mode.

vid_ref [glx|sdl|gl]

OpenGL refresh - glx and sdl are *nix only - gl is Windows only

snd_init [1|0]

Start the sound engine or not.

developer [1|0]

Activates or deactivates the developer mode.

logfile [2|1|0]

Activates or deactivates the console log (written to Template:Path).
The value 1 will start a new log every time to game starts up, value 2 will append to current logfile

s_language [language]

Will change/set the language (see Template:Path for valid languages; see also Manual/Language).

cl_showcoords [1|0]

Used to create or place new missions on geoscape - will show the clicked coordinates.

r_showbox [1|0]

Use the cvar r_showbox to draw the bounding box of a model.

cl_fps [1|0]

Displays the Frames per second on the screen when enabled.

r_programs [3|2|1|0]

Enable/disable graphic glsl shaders (default is 1). You need to set this to 0 if game crashes on start with video errors (like on Intel G965 cards). 0 - disabled, 1 - low, 2 - medium, 3- high.

r_glsl_version [4.20|4.10|4.00|3.30|1.50|1.40|1.30|1.20|1.10]

Change GLSL specification to compile shaders to. On changing this cvar the shaders will recompile; you will see the compile log printed in the console (including any warnings+errors). Default is 1.10, and is the only specification currently supported by UFO:AI. Higher versioned specifications may not compile. If the shaders had any compile errors they will be disabled.