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OPEN  Bug report #5504  -  [Containment screen] Missing button icon and tooltip
Posted Sep 05, 2015 - updated Sep 05, 2015
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Issue description
Version: v2.5

Short description:

In the base manager, Containment screen, it seems that it lacks one button (icon, tooltip).

Bug report:

  1. a species is researched (autopsy done, completion bar is full green), and
  2. no living alien is present (belonging to this species),
  • the same "scalpel & scissor" button as before is displayed.
  • the same tooltip as before is displayed when hovering on the button: "start autopsy"
  • however, the expected UFOpaedia page is opened when clicking on the button.

Feature request: (this feature is lost until no living, this species's prisoner is in base)

  • assign a new icon to the button: a book or a memo page (something linking to UFOpaedia)
  • add a tooltip: "read autopsy report"
  • link to UFOpaedia as is currently done.

Steps to reproduce this issue

  1. Research an alien species (complete an autopsy on a dead alien).
  2. Don't have any prisoner of this species.
  3. Look at the button icon, hover on it to see tooltip, click on it to see effect.