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CLOSED  Bug report #5502  -  [Battlescape] White octahedron artifact on dropping an item to the ground while no TU's left
Posted Sep 03, 2015 - updated Sep 23, 2015
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Issue description
Configuration: version: 2.5 / system: AMD64 / GPU: RV790 / module: "ATI Radeon HD4870 and earlier"

Game-play impact: none Reproducibility: triggered at will (on two maps).


Usually, you never try and drop an item when you know that a soldier's TUs are spent. Still, it may accidentally occur. If you do so (when I do so), you most likely trigger the following graphical artifact:

a white octahedron (like 8-side dice) appears at soldier's coordinates, circa at belly height (when crouched, this mean circa shoulder height).

First conclusions:

As far as I can tell:
  • the artifact is created on the very turn the item is "not dropped";
  • it's static (save for a slight texture effect);
  • the soldier doesn't have to be crouched;
  • it remains on the spot when the character moves;
  • it lasts several turns, if not until the mission ends;
  • several ones may be created on the same turn by following the same procedure as described above (with several soldiers of course);
  • sometimes, the artifact doesn't appear immediately (on closing the window), but "then", it's there (I have to be more precise!);
  • smoke at soldier's position is not relevant, but there's always smoke on the map when I experienced and tested (I have to test again);
  • dropping an item on the same spot cancels the artifact immediately (experienced on the next turn with the same soldier);

I didn't tested if
  • "not enough TUs" is the only trigger (0,1 and 2 TUs are sure for the backpack)
  • the place where the item is stored is relevant (backpack is sure);
  • it only occurs with two slots items or any item (PRL ammo and laser ammo are sure);
Steps to reproduce this issue
During a mission on the Battlescape,
  1. Take a soldier and waste all or nearly all of his TUs;
  2. Open his Equipment window;
  3. Try and drop an item in the backpack unto the ground; a red notice is displayed;

I can't tell yet if only one try is enough, but it occurred with one try only at least thrice.