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CLOSED  Bug report #5469  -  List ordering possibly inverted
Posted Aug 05, 2015 - updated Oct 25, 2015
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Issue description
Dear all, I just registered to the issue tracker but I'm a long time follower of the project. I've been toying around with a recent version (two weeks ago, branch master), compiled under linux. I've seen that there is an issue in some of the lists in the campaign interface. This typically happen at the end of a tactical mission, when moving captured alien and corpses between bases, the list shows values reversed: say: corpses=1, live aliens=18, etc. This does not happen if you simply open the transfer window from the ui. I've seen a couple of similar issues, but it wasn't until lately that I actually did notice the issue, so I can't really recall other precise examples. I'll keep an eye on them.
Steps to reproduce this issue
EG: finish a base defense mission where you don't have a storage or an alien containment, and wait for the transfer window to pop up.