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CLOSED  Bug report #5412  -  game crashed in battlescape, enemy turn, when trying to use Plasma Blade for reaction fire
Posted Jan 23, 2015 - updated Jan 30, 2015
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Issue description
Hi folks. The game just crashed in the battlescape, in my first alien base, with the following messages:

  1. [STATS] jay8 (Hiro Lai (gren-P)) kills alien (C/BS/T 101.1100) with Lock of plasblade (entnum: 187)
  2. Reaction fire enabled but no weapon for hand (name=Hiro Lai (gren-P),entnum=210,hand=1,fmIdx=0)

It was in the enemy turn. The game crashed after the Combat Bloodspider moved toward my soldier, who was ducked and had reaction fire of the Plasma Blade enabled. So maybe there was some animation or something missing? He had the Plasma Blade in his right hand. He had 7 TUs left at the end of the turn, of 6 needed for the RF. I never got to use the plasblade before.

Some blind shots: Could the issue be that my soldier held the plasblade in his right hand? Or what about the different entnums in the two log lines, should they be the same?
Steps to reproduce this issue
Enable reaction fire with the PB, let it be triggered. (I'll try to reproduce it and report back.)