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CLOSED  Bug report #5402  -  [UI2] some soldier info is missing in 2.6 UI compared to 2.5
Posted Jan 02, 2015 - updated Feb 13, 2015
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Issue description
1) In 2.5 there was a display how many civilians a soldier has killed, it was (I think) present in only one of the 2 ways for "going through soldier equipment" (either via "soldier hiring/firing screen" or via "assigning/deassigning soldiers to aircraft" screen). 2) In the battlescape, you could see how many missions and how many kills a soldier has, this info seems to miss entirely in 2.6, although it is useful for the decision whom to give a kill.

So, ideally, you should have some code somewhere for the 4 lines (missions performed, enemies killed, civilians killed and perhaps rank) that is called thrice.
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