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Open Bug report #5015 code for mission equipment works not as specified
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In equipment_missions.ufo the comment says > // 1b. Select an ammo:
> // There is an equal probability to get any ammo in equipment definition that fits the weapon obtained in 1.a.
> // The number of ammo added (weapon being already loaded) is the number entered in equipment definition.
> // Note that writing 'plaspistol_ammo 0' is not the same than writing nothing: in first case weapon will be
> // loaded, in last case it won't.

> item (plasrifle 100) > item (plasrifle_ammo 1)
correctly always gives a Plasma Rifle which is already loaded and an additional ammo.
If I understood the comment correctly, this

> item (plasrifle 100) > item (plasrifle_ammo 0)
should give a Plasma Rifle which is already loaded, but no additional ammo, while writing

> item (plasrifle 100) > // item (plasrifle_ammo 1)
should give a Plasma Rifle without any ammo.

Right now, while the first case (standard) works fine, in the latter two cases the alien will simply get no Plasma Rifle at all.
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