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mattn (tlh2000) has been working on this issue since April 15, 2013 (22:30)
Against all rules, this is more than one issue and it's prio 'vital'. Bear with me. 14:47 Sandro_sleepy 1) UFO Yard memo assumes that player did at least one ground mission, even if it is not happened; in my case, it COULD NOT have happened, since memo appeared 22 Mar'84 14:47 Sandro_sleepy ... not to mention that UFO Yard was already under construction I tested and got it on April 16th as it should be ha ! got it. In the release compile the msg arrives on March 22nd under Windoze debug, memory is initialized to x'CE' IIRC. On linux, it's x'00' for both rel and debug ==> uninitialized var Test was: Start very easy campaign; build home base; advance time, ignoring ufos/missions.
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