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OPEN  Feature request #4118  -  Make left clicks in UI work on mouse button release, not mouse down
Posted Jan 22, 2013 - updated Jan 29, 2013
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Issue description
Item 634 imported from sourceforge.net tracker on 2013-01-28 20:23:02

When doing a left click, the moment when the mouse button released is the one that should count. At the moment, this is true for the time UI actions are executed, but not for the click location. If you click somewhere, drag the mouse over another UI element and release it, it will execute the first element. I feel it should execute the second element instead so it becomes possible to correct yourself if you misclick, or at the very least cancel the action.
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natewr (2013-01-22 15:07:26.453000)  ⇑ top
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