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OPEN  Feature request #3615  -  organizing the soldier`s list
Posted Sep 18, 2006 - updated Feb 01, 2013
mcr2010 (mcr2010) has been working on this issue since January 28, 2013 (20:48)
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Issue description
Item 130 imported from sourceforge.net tracker on 2013-01-28 20:14:20

It would be useful to be able to rearange the list of the soldiers. Sometimes the first soldier is poor, but you get stuck with him on the 1st position. I would like to place the best soldiers at the top, or rearange them by rank/kills/missions/stats It's logical to have the best at the top and the lousy ones at the bottom.
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bandobraz (2006-09-18 17:56:24)  ⇑ top
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In RC5 the best starting soldiers are usually on the top of the list. But still organizing would be very useful, perhaps relate it also to the order they spawn on battlefield (closer or farther away from the ship, for example).
hajo4 (2006-09-20 13:41:52)  ⇑ top
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See also "Sort-options for list of soldiers"