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CLOSED  Feature request #3582  -  Equip Soldiers - Team-Setup
Posted Aug 06, 2006 - updated Jan 29, 2013
icon_info.png This issue is a duplicate of issue #3623 - "Choose soldier positions in dropship"
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Issue description
Item 97 imported from sourceforge.net tracker on 2013-01-28 20:12:11

Currently, at the start of a mission the soldiers are placed quite randomly, or more precisely, they are not grouped in any useful way.

It would be nice if the player could specify teams of soldiers that should be placed next to each other.

For example:
  • Team-A (front-left): #1,#5,#7 (Assaultrifle, Smg, Flamer)
  • Team-B (front-right): #2,#3,#8 (Assaultrifle,
Shotgun, Smg)
  • Team-C (rear-middle): #4,#6 (Rocketlauncher, Sniper)

This could be done with 'just' a simple pulldown-menu in the equipment-screen for assigning teams/positions, i.e. the same way as armor-texture is selected now.