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Open Bug report #3097 Equipment reappears for second mission
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geever (geever) has been working on this issue since January 28, 2013 (20:48)
[http://sourceforge.net/p/ufoai/bugs/3097 Item 3097] imported from sourceforge.net tracker on 2013-01-28 19:58:38 After playing a crashed UFO mission, I diverted on the way back to base to attack a second (landed) UFO. When the mission started all my troops were restored to full ammo and equipment. ===== Comments Ported from Sourceforge ===== ====== darkrainx (2012-01-10 00:35:39) ====== Of course they were! Function CP_StartSelectedMission() (in cp_campaign.c) copies the base storage and then calls CP_CleanupAircraftCrew() which "Reloads weapons, removes not assigned and resets defaults" right before starting the map. It seems you are expected to run only one mission at a time, maybe with less of a UFO swarm this would not be an issue? And of course this will probably fix itself when/if soldier equipment is separated from base storage. ====== accumulator (2012-01-18 10:07:52) ====== This is still happening with 2.4.. (current git as of 2012-01-17) ====== aduke1 (2012-09-30 23:47:55.659000) ====== - **milestone**: 2.3.1 --> 2.3.x ====== aduke1 (2012-10-04 23:06:37.420000) ====== - **assigned_to**: Tamás Fehérvári ====== tlh2000 (2012-10-05 06:11:25.455000) ====== this should not be done on mission start, but on aircraft start. we also have to ensure not to lose alrwady collected alien goods
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