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Open Bug report #2734 UFORadiant: saving light info and shortcuts
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mattn (tlh2000) has been working on this issue since January 28, 2013 (20:47)
[http://sourceforge.net/p/ufoai/bugs/2734 Item 2734] imported from sourceforge.net tracker on 2013-01-28 19:47:16 1. UFORadiant won't save light settings. I click the light checkbox, add a value, hit enter. But if I select something else then come back, the lighting has not been applied. 2. UFORadiant is again not saving my shortcuts. In particular, Copy Shader and Paste Shader. Any chance you can make this default: SHFT-CTR-C = Copy Shader, SHFT-CTR-V = Paste Shader? ===== Comments Ported from Sourceforge ===== ====== tlh2000 (2010-12-12 18:58:17) ====== the value field should be fixed now - please try with several selections and settings you can change the keybindings in the xml files - change them to whatever you like - you are the one whos using them more often than anyone else on the team, so you can give the direction here. ====== tlh2000 (2010-12-12 18:59:06) ====== oh.. radiant/input.xml is the file with the keybindings. ====== natewr (2010-12-13 09:56:59) ====== I can't seem to get the keybindings working. In input.xml, under I've added the following: But when I restart Radiant it still shows nothing in the shortcuts list. ====== natewr (2010-12-13 10:15:47) ====== All the surface flags work well now with one minor exception. Lighting info can be added and removed fine, but if I un-check the light box, it doesn't appear to go away. If I select something else and come back to it I can see that it's un-checked, but it doesn't register visually right away. Thanks for the fast fix on that! ====== tlh2000 (2011-01-11 07:55:26) ====== you have to modify them in the git checkout radiant dir, but also have to make sure that your user data is updated, too. uforadiant stores its settings besides the ufoconsole.log and so on. just in a radiant subdir. ====== tlh2000 (2011-01-11 07:57:49) ====== the missing shortcut save is maybe due to a crash on shutdown. i have to investigate ====== tlh2000 (2011-01-15 09:16:05) ====== the remaining shortcut issue should be fixed in 1fc9866ac2df8cca7722338f0cd8864f117314dd ====== natewr (2011-01-15 09:33:35) ====== Unfortunately it is still not working for me after recompiling radiant. After loading radiant, setting shortcut, shutting down radiant and restarting it, the shortcut is gone. ====== tlh2000 (2011-03-23 20:44:50) ====== harry - this might be a bug for you the shortcut issue is about ufoai/src/tools/radiant/radiant/xmlregistry/XMLRegistry.cpp you will find the xml file in your %APPDATA% uforadiant directory (see http://ufoai.ninex.info/wiki/index.php/Manual/FAQ for the full path) the light settings are in the entity inspector or somewhere below src/tools/radiant/radiant/entity ====== aduke1 (2012-10-07 01:30:17.872000) ====== - **assigned_to**: Harry Kunz --> Martin Gerhardy - **milestone**: --> 2.4
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