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icon_project.png UFO: Alien Invasion / Closed Bug report #2167 passable brushes are invisible
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[http://sourceforge.net/p/ufoai/bugs/2167 Item 2167] imported from sourceforge.net tracker on 2013-01-28 19:22:20

revision 26010.
see attached testcase. notice how the shelf on the second floor is markedas passable and is invisible.
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====== richlv (2009-09-04 22:36:12) ======

====== richlv (2009-10-31 12:30:40) ======

still there in trunk, rev 26846
====== aduke1 (2009-10-31 21:41:19) ======

Didn't check your testcase, but it should be fixed as of r26859.
====== richlv (2009-11-02 22:17:02) ======

excellent, confirming the fix in revision 26891 :)
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