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OPEN  Bug report #5245  -  Game does not pause immediately after event occurs
Posted Dec 23, 2013 - updated Dec 23, 2013
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Issue description
This stuff only happens if you are on a fast speed in geoscape, like 12hrs/second. For example, manufacturing of plasma grenades is complete. So, as you have specified in the settings, the game pauses. You enter the base, and you can see the next item is already halfway manufactured! The same happens when you go on a mission. If you are on a small speed while your Firebird approaches the location, you may enter it during daylight. But if you speed things up, the Firebird might enter the location at nighttime (later). Absolutely reproducible.

It seems that the game does not pause right away after some event occurs. Like, while it opens up the confirmation dialog, the time keeps ticking. I hope this is clear enough, feel free to ask any questions.
Steps to reproduce this issue
I 1. Set game to pause on manufacture complete. 2. Start manufacturing two types of items. 3. Set speed to very fast, like 12 hrs/second or more. 4. Wait for game to pause when manufacturing of Item 1 is complete. 5. Enter the base, and you can see the next item is already halfway manufactured!

II 1. Set Firebird on a mission while on pause. (Preferably a remote one to note the difference, but I'm not sure.) 2. Save game. 3. Set speed to slow. Note the time when the "Enter location?" dialog shows up. 4. Load game. 5. Set speed to fast. Note the time when the prompt comes up, and compare it to what you have noted before.

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