Weapon tables

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These tables are generated by blondandy's program. If you see any innaccuracy, or feel the data could be presented better, please let him know, so he can update his code. Generating the tables using a program makes them easier to maintain as the weapons are tweaked.


armour table
Learn which armour resists which weapons.
weapon skills table
See which skills are used in calculation of hit probability for various weapons/ammo/firemodes. Includes number of hands required to hold and use a weapon (having a hand free is important for grenade and medikit use).
melee weapon table
Compare the hand-to-hand combat weapons.
damage rate table
Compare damage rates from direct-fire guns.
precision table
Compare precision of direct-fire guns.
damage rate vs. distance
Gives mean damage rate (includes damage per shot and TU taken, etc) as a function of distance to target. Includes estimation of hit probability in the calculation.
firemode damage vs. distance
If you have one opportunity to discharge a weapon (eg reaction fire), this table will tell you how effective it is likely to be. Includes estimation of hit probability in the calculation.
comprehensive weapon table
Get a more comprehensive overview of the all the data associated with the guns. (To keep the table a reasonable size, it is not entirely comprehensive...)
comprehensive weapon table of the development version
Warning: this is a large page. This is a weapon comparison table using statistics from the development version of the game. It displays the effects of every weapon against every armour that can be used in tactical combat (no aircraft or base weapons included). Generated by a script from Dumper.


weapon ufo scripts
This explains parameters from the ufo scripts, which are summarised in these tables