Melee weapon table

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Correct at 2.2_Jan_11_2008

Damage rate is first damage figure (mean HP taken) divided by time (TU) required. So, if you hit repeatedly, this is the mean rate you will hurt your enemy.
Summary of weapon tables.

weaponfire modetime (TU)shotsdamage, mean±range (HP)damage rate (HP/TU)
Bloodspider weapon Stab12140 20 3.3
Combat Knife Stab4140 2010.0
Throw8135 15 4.4
Monomolecular Knife Stab6170 1811.7
Throw8160 15 7.5
Stun Rod Stun Charge7160 20 8.6
Double Charge11260 2010.9
Kerrblade Stab8195 2511.9
Slash141180 4512.9
Plasma Blade Lock71300 542.9
Throw121300 525.0