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Discussion / Re: thx
« on: February 20, 2017, 08:41:12 pm »
... we need people to design and 'construct' new maps
I quickly read the wiki pages about it, but it sounds quite difficulty when you have no artistic skills. Is it easy to use existing maps? For example, let's say I would like to create a map (to train myself) starting from the "Dam" map, but using this objective (quick idea): "Alien have set a bomb on the dam, and threaten an entire city downstream. You have 20 turns to kill all the aliens, or to disable the bomb with one of your soldier skilled in explosive". Would it be difficult?

Just so it won't be forgotten - all the XVI stuff starts before the carrier mission, handling this properly in both the geoscape and the battlescape is required before we can advance any further.
I start to be confused with this XVI stuff ;) What is working today?

Translating / Re: translation in french
« on: February 20, 2017, 08:32:17 pm »
Hello. I'm still deeply updating the french translation. At this very moment, Rodmar, I have checked about 40 % of the .po file you submitted earlier. I have to state that there are many precious ideas inside, most of them related to the precise words you use to describe weapons and ammo. Now, I'd like to have some thoughts about...

1- Some points that were discussed before. Changes are:
 a) "Cuve à antimatière" -> "Chambre à antimatière", because there is enough place in the GUI (v2.6, most recent build) to display the name properly now (& more space = Thank you, geever! I read on another thread that you found updating GUI was not your preferred task, so here is an incentive ;))
 b) "Réacteur nucléaire" -> "Centrale nucléaire", that is removing "reacteur" but keeping "nucléaire". Why? Because "centrale nucléaire" are the most used words to describe a power plant based on nuclear energy (cf. in game description), and because, in v2.6, this installation is a clear target when the base is attacked (there are hot spots that aliens try to reach). So I wanted to keep the "nucléaire" word so that a player keeps in mind that he must protect this place.

2- Some points that were not discussed before. Proposals are:
 a) New firemodes' translations for laser weapons
  "Tir en continu", as proposed in Rodmar's file
  "Tir en impulsion", as a found out after checking the precise use of laser beam ("pulsé", the previous solution, is more a cosmetic surgery word)
 b) New firemodes' translations for needler
  "Rafale courte" (unchanged)
  "Canonnade" -> "Mitraillage" (or "Bordée" ?)
  "Needle stream" -> "Torrent d'aiguilles" (or "Bordée", or "Déluge" ?)
 c) Shorter names for particle beam weapons, discarding the "à faisceau" part in names (but not in detailled descriptions)
  "Pistolet à faisceau de particules" -> "Pistolet à particules"
  "Fusil à faisceau de particules" -> "Fusil à particules"
  "Canon à faisceau de particules" -> "Minicanon à particules". I choose to use the word in your file, Rodmar, because I thought your last choice was your preferred choice. I still can change "Minicanon" in "Désintégrateur" (I prefer "minicanon") (I also tried "Couleuvrine à particules", but "Minicanon" sounds more as modern tech.)
 d) "Dispositifs aliens de guerre électronique" -> "Électronique militaire alienne" (because the description tells about the many functions of the device, which is more than an ECM system)
 e) A proposal for the "Fusil à canon scié" : "Tir simple canon" & "Tir double canon"; is it ok? (and should it be "Fusil à canons sciés"?)

3- The translations of all Phalanx aircraft
 Stingray -> "Pastenague" or "Manta" = Ok (no pref. on my own)
 Starchaser -> What about "Chasse-étoile"; exact translation, and no so ugly after all :)
 Firebird -> What about a real bird with red / orange feathers ? Example: "Piranga", "Cardinal", or...

4- Some proposal I did not retain:
 "Tir au poser" -> too specific, imho. I did not know these words, and could not find explanation when I quickly search for them. Translation is better when self-explaining, and "Tir visé" is much more clearer than "Tir au poser".
 "Transporteur" (for aircraft") -> No, "Transporteur" is much more used for people carrying something (="Convoyeur"), so I prefer keep this meaning (and "Transport" / "Avion de transport" is fine)
 "Démantèlement" when recycling part of an UFO -> No, because "Démanteler" implies a destructive process, whereas "Démontage" implies more an idea of recycling parts to reuse them later (even if this is not to rebuild an alien aircraft)

Discussion / Re: thx
« on: February 16, 2017, 11:56:57 pm »
Yes there is one... but note that the dazed status is removed at the start of the team's turn (right when it's decided that the unit doesn't get a TU refill) so it would only work to tell you if the flashbang did actually work on your own turn
Ok, thanks. My concern is mainly when the flashbang explodes in the feet of the alien (directly or after a bounce), when "in front of" and "behind" are really difficult to see. So this kind of temporary mark would be enough for me.

I think we shouldn't know if an enemy unit is ever dazed or not!
Mere curiosity: why?

But flashbangs should affect every actors and not only the enemy. To be partially protected or immune to their effect, through constitution or visor/helmet, would be another thing, of course.
In any case resistance to the FB wold probably be based more on mind + speed stats (and any protective gear oc)
Sounds good: a grenade has indeed an effective radius; and description of the flashbang states that speed and training are crucial to reduce the effects of this kind of grenade.

Discussion / Re: thx
« on: February 16, 2017, 11:44:30 pm »
The stats will going high even if he is only a WO? So i dont take care of this ^^.
You got it quite right...

But, on hard and very hard campaign, killing civilian has also an important impact on nations' happiness, and you have to manage your money quite carefully (at the beginning). Killing civilians should include some other penalties, though (example: a soldier killing more than X civilians could be automatically dismissed - and could not be hired anymore -) (X: depends on the difficulty of the campaign)

Discussion / Re: thx
« on: February 15, 2017, 07:55:47 pm »
Currently flashbangs have 3 effects: ... they disable reaction fire for the unit as well (and the default AI doesn't know how enable it again)...
Does it mean that once you stunned an alien, it will never be able to reaction fire again?

Currently flashbangs have 3 effects: ... any unit that is dazed ...
Is there a feature request asking for some sign to highlight dazed units? That is: either some change of the color of the circle around the alien (from red to blue, for instance), or some sign over the head of the alien (cf. the symbol that is over the body of a stunned unit) ?

Windows / Re: Dont see the box lines on inventory
« on: February 14, 2017, 12:50:03 am »
Just saw your questions -> In v2.6 too, the XVI button is not displayed at the start of the campaign. I got the button when I discovered the virus, but, at this very moment (about 90 missions done in the campaign I am playing), no evidence of infection of Earth was found yet.

Discussion / Re: thx
« on: February 14, 2017, 12:18:11 am »
The hovernets dont got any reaction fire, why?
Hovernets do have reaction fire, but the problem is that, after a while, aliens tend to stay in (weird) positions that prevent them from using reaction fire => Aliens should always try to face the Phalanx troops (or the place they are supposed to be), not facing a wall, a corner, or borders of the map.

I never know where they looking due to the circular model
Use the radar (shortcut: "R", if I am not wrong... Hum... Check shortcuts too :) ); the radar is more usable in v2.6 anyway. Your idea of giving them circular fire could be a nice touch to them.

Its very hard in the beginning to take down the ufos
Personally, I hardly try to take down UFOs because you do not get advantages doing so (ex.: aliens are not wounded after the crash when you start the mission); so I wait for the UFO to land somewhere, and start the mission... and winning is more profitable (ex.: undamaged UFOs earn you more credits when you sell them).

Too easy is getting out of the fog/smoke and "scouting enemies out" and go back into the fog/smoke to kill them.
Yes, a big penalty to aim out of smoke would be good imho.
Another idea could be: aliens should shoot random shots in smoke (with needler for example). Against another player, I would do so.

Translating / Re: translation in french
« on: January 18, 2017, 08:25:37 pm »
Hello Rodmar.

I kept "Poignard à plasma". "Couteau à plasma" is used only when Navarre wonders about what he is studying. The transition between a cutting object ("couteau") and a piercing object ("poignard") is written like this: "Cette arme a la forme d'un manche de poignard sans lame. À la place, il y a un petit orifice noir entouré d'un grand anneau en plastique. Il n'y a ni détente, ni autre système d'activation visible. L'armement se fait en tournant le manche, et la mise à feu en approchant l'orifice à quelques centimètres d'une surface raisonnablement plane. Ce n'est qu'alors que le « poignard à plasma » se met en marche."

Patrouilleur / escorteur: for v2.6, I prefer "Patrouilleur", because this ship is often alone and travels all around Earth; he is more "patrouilling" :) than escorting.

Ripper: "Éventreur" for the moment.

Translating / Re: translation in french
« on: January 17, 2017, 08:46:29 pm »
Hello Rodmar, thank you for your answers!

* Stun grenade : Hum... I'll keep "grenade étourdissante" for the moment, but i'll try to think about the other words too.

* plasma blade. Well, I rewrited both mails
- step 1 (discovery of the weapon) => "Commandant, durant notre dernière mission, nous avons ramené quelque chose d'étrange : une chambre à plasma munie d'une poignée. Nous supposons qu'il s'agit d'une arme : d'après sa forme, cela pourrait être une espèce de couteau à plasma. Mais je n'ai aucune idée de la façon dont cela peut fonctionner. Nous n'arrivons pas à mettre l'objet en marche et nous ne comprenons pas son utilité dans l'arsenal extraterrestre."
 - step (after research was achieved) => "Nous nous trompions en croyant avoir affaire à une espèce de couteau à plasma. En fait, cette arme délivre une charge unique, qui transperce les protections un peu comme le Panzerfaust de la Deuxième Guerre mondiale transperçait les blindages. L'arme est cependant conçue pour neutraliser un soldat ou un véhicule léger plutôt qu'un char."\n

I used "couteau à plasma" because there is a "couteau électrique" irl.

* "Patrouilleur" : ok

* ok, "munitions chemisées à plasma".

* I'm sure I can get accustomed to "Arachnobot": Arachnobot. Arachnobot. Arachnobot...
Yes, for sure :)

Translating / Re: translation in french
« on: January 14, 2017, 09:33:31 pm »

 Stun grenade : "Grenade étourdissante" is already in use, but I like "Grenade incapacitante" (it's all the same to me, but I'll do the change if you prefer "incapacitante"). The "gas grenade" is an offensive and deadly grenade, not a stun grenade (at least in v2.6), no risk of confusion. Except when context is clear, I avoid using "neutraliser", often used as an euphemism for "tuer" (for example: what about the state of the ennemies if I write "Les adversaires ont été neutralisés"? Are they dead or alive?).

 Other points :
 * the melee weapons are now called "poignard de combat", "poignard monomoléculaire", and "poignard à plasma". Seems good to me, does't it ?
 * I renamed the "Canonnière" into "Croiseur" because this UFo is the strongest, and because it cruises a lot around the earth. Your opinion?
 * still not liking "Arachnobot" ? :)

 And a question. I really wonder whether i should rename the encased ammo. Today : "Munitions à plasma chemisées". I feel that "Munitions chemisées à plasma" could be better, or "Munitions blindées à plasma" (shorter), or... your ideas ?

Translating / Re: translation in french
« on: January 13, 2017, 08:49:19 pm »
Quick note : Rodmar, after reading the Bolter's description again, I understand your point -> In the Bolter, the ammuntion contains everything needed to fire, but the rifle itself only uses electricity. So : Ok, "fusil électrique" (my pref.).

Translating / Re: translation in french
« on: January 09, 2017, 06:36:20 pm »

And, first, happy new year to everybody :) Next, some thoughts, as sharing is always welcome. Shortly...
* Arachnoïde/Arachnobot (Bloodspider). I don't get your point: as far as I understand you, we agree on possibly not translating the "blood" part. But it seems you fear some confusion with names or abbreviations; but words are meant to describe things even if spelling or pronunciation are close, and abbreviations are built after the words exist; thus, someone dealing with "Aérobot" and "Arachnobot" should build 2 different and distinct abbreviations (ex.: AEB & ACB).

* Lance-plasma/Blaster (Plasma Blaster). Ok, let's try "lance-plasma lourd" (my pref.) (if too long -> "lance-plasma").

* Broche/dard/lame plasma (Plasma Blade). Ok, let's forget "Dard à plasma". "Poignard à plasma" is a good idea. I'll try it.

* Caserne/Quartiers (Quarters). Ok, I'll revert "Caserne" to "Quartiers" (my first concern was to reduce the size of the display).

* Entrepôt. Yes, "Magasin" could do (I even hesitated to do it before, but "Entrepôt" seemed fine).

* Fusil électromagnétique/Bolter (Electromagnetic Rifle/Bolter). I don't get your point. I'll let the current translations ("fusil magnétique" / "fusil à induction"), but might perhaps change later, after some thoughts. Not really convinced at this very moment.

* LGHP/LGAP, LRHP/LGHP (HPGL, HPML). Thanks for explanations & research :)

* Aircraft names. Thanks for explanations & research again. I prefer keep english because it sounds better than french it these few cases (except for Sarracen). Just note that "Héraclès" (with c) is fine in french (éraclès (title & bibliography),éraclès/123664, or; and that there are many myth of a star being chased by something (ex. the stories of the "grande ourse" and the "petite ourse", often their names come from a story of a bear being chased by hunters)

Translating / Re: translation in french
« on: December 19, 2016, 02:31:42 pm »
Quick thoughts :
  • another idea for the bloodspider, based on the translation of the hovernet ("Aérobot" + "Aérobot de combat") could be "Arachnobot" / "Arachnobot de combat" (based on "Arachnide + robot", - the "blood" word).
  • another idea for the plasma blade to replace "broche à plasma", after noticing that its principle (cf. in game description) looks like the heat ammo. (that is "charge creuse") : "Dard à plasma".

Imo : "Arachnobot" could be a good option, and "Dard a plasma" seems better than "Broche à plasma" or "Poinçon à plasma"

Discussion / Re: The green smoke waving around
« on: December 18, 2016, 04:16:49 pm »
Perhaps posting a bug report would be nice for the record? Or later, if you notice some other problems of the same type?

Translating / Re: translation in french
« on: December 18, 2016, 04:14:59 pm »
Hello Rodmar,

Thank you for your proposal! I'll for sure have a close look at your po file. As you asked for some review, here are some comments about the .txt file; they only reflect my personnal tastes, of course, and are not meant to confont yours.

  • « Arachnoïde »: still not convinced, sorry. Of course, I understand the origin of the word (arachnide + androïde), but this word sounds weird to me (note that "arachnoïde" is also the name of a membrane in the brain). Perhaps using some "Araignée cybernétique" / "Araigné cybernétique améliorée" (ou "de combat") (= that is : forgetting the "blood" part, that i don't like very much anyway), we could achieve better tranlations.
  • « Blaster »: I still like "blaster" ;) Should I change something, I would go either for "fusil-mitrailleur à plasma" (cf. previous post), or for "Lance-plasma" + something impressive (to fit the in-game description of an impressive weapon + to add something different compared to the rifle and the gun, which are also "lance-plasma" weapons) -> "Lance-plasma lourd" for example.
  • « Broche à plasma »: I like "broche à plasma", and would stress that "embrocher" is also used to describe some weapons' effects (sword, spear, and so on), but I understand your point (and i agree with not using "mine"); what about "Poinçon à plasma"?
  • « Caserne »: I really prefer this word because it adds something martial to the Phalanx organisation + it is accurate (cf. -> "Bâtiment destiné à loger des troupes" is the first meaning) + it is shorter than "casernement" / "baraquement" / "quartiers d'habitation" / "Quartiers".
  • « Chargeur / Magasin / Bloc-chargeur »: too complex imho. Without your explanation, I would not have understood the differences.
  • « Cuve à antimatière »: the name became obvious after seeing the picture of the device in the base (just look at it), and contains the idea of storing something (regardless of the complexity of the device). It also fits the 1024 x 768 display. ("Chambre à antimatière" was really good, but display was truncated on my screen).
  • « Fusil électromagnétique »: in v2.6, there are 2 names left: "fusil magnétique" (Bolter), and "fusil à induction" (coilgun). These shorter names removed the "ÉM" or "FÉM" abbreviations that where somewhat cryptic.
  • « Réacteur »: chosen because I found your "Arrêter le réacteur" accurate and short enough, and because the description of the electric generator clearly states that this technology is based about a nuclear reactor, and that we only see the upper part of it.
  • « Stingray / Starchaser / Firebird, etc. »: I would not translate these names, unless you have a proper translation for each of them. Partial translation is really strange.
  • other points: no clear ideas.

And happy end of year to you & to everybody :)

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