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Windows / Cannot open skirmish games
« on: May 06, 2017, 06:04:29 pm »
Hi. I tested the 04/05/2017 build recently and i have a problem: the game "breaks into the debugger" (and crashed) if I try to start a skirmish game (that is: I can even access the skirmish game options). I play on an old computer thus disconnected from the Internet. Here is a copy paste of part of the error message I believe responsible of the problem. I will do a more precise bug report if you tell me what I should join to the report.

* Steps : just after starting the game, I loaded a campaign savegame, closed it; then checked the multiplayer options, closed it; then wanted to open the skirmish menu... and game crashed).

* Copy paste :
Shutdown gametype 'Campaign mode'
Change gametype to 'Multiplayer mode'
Warning: Could not open 'team00.mpt'
Failed to resolve host WSAHOST_NOT_FOUND
could not resolve ''
sendto on socket 2224 failed: WSAEHOSTUNREACH
Shutdown gametype 'Multiplayer mode'
Change gametype to 'Skirmish mode'
UI_AllocNodeWithoutNew: Node behaviour 'LoadSlot' doesn't exist
Shutdown gametype 'Skirmish mode'
Wrote keys.cfg
There are still 2 opened files

* quick note: all what I wanted to check (for ex. regarding translations), was ok :) Thanks.

Discussion / A short feedback about v2.6-dev
« on: September 15, 2016, 09:37:11 pm »
Hello. After playing with the 2.6 version of the game, I really wanted to thank you for the many improvements of the game and its revamped graphical interface: the battlescape looks really great, and is more elegant and more practical; and the geoscape interface and base management are greatly improved once you get used to it. I also appreciate some gameplay changes, like the the higher stunning effect of smoke grenades, and the differents prices of items in the market (buying > selling).

Of course, there are still minor glitches, imho. Just a few examples for your information:
 1) Interface
  a) The earth image (bottom of the screen) is nice, but prevents a correct reading of UFOpedia descriptions: too bright, really; better remove this background image when you have to read something (or remove transparency).
  b) The new interface seem to use a kind of layer that adds some "dark grain" or some "dark pitch" over the GUI (it's difficult to describe it). It is a nice touch to menus, buttons, borders, etc., but I don't like it when it covers the base buildings and the background image used when starting a mission.

  a) I miss the menu tips (will they comme back? or will they be integrated somewhere else, like during loading times?).
  b) In battlescape, I slightly miss the reservation to crouch soldiers.

 3) Police and typography
  a) I am not fond of the use of UPPER CAPS, even in menu; moreover some text areas are too short, and text doesn't display well. Example: (on my screen), the title "UFO:ALIEN INVASION", over the start menu, is not displayed well -> the last N is slightly truncated (and I prefer the typo : "UFO:Alien Invasion").
  b) Moreover, when you change the langage of the game, diacritics are very reduced, and some specific typo disappears. Example : in french, the letters "é è à ù ç â ê î ô û" (and their uppercase counterparts...) often ressemble letters with a simple dot over it. And the the « an » signs are not displayed. Many other languages use diacritics because this is meaningful for them, and I fear that they could have the same problem.
  * I don't criticize the change of the police; shifting from the old police to a more readeable one is a good idea, really;
  * maybe this problem occurs only because the size of the police is a bit too high.
  c) Many text areas are really too short; I often corrected my recently submitted translation by using synonyms or shortening sentences, but it is sometimes impossible. For example, the connexion dialog use the word "password", translated into « Mot de passe » (no other solution). But the french version only displays « Mot de pas... »; or the "Coronas" translated into "Couronnes" is truncated).

I can post more detailled descriptions of theses small issues in the bug tracker if you want. As I assume you noticed many of these points by yourselves, and I know that the v2.6 is work in progress that just need time. just tell me which one retain your attention. Thank you.

Newbie Coding / How to update tutorials' screenshots?
« on: September 15, 2016, 09:26:09 pm »
Hello. I would like to update the screenshots used in the tutorials for the v2.6 version. How can I do it? (Thas is : where are the screenshot files? and are there some things to be careful at?)

Translating / updated .po files ?
« on: July 08, 2013, 06:06:39 pm »

 Is it possible to update the .po files that are in the sourceforge repository?
 - in the 4th of July version, some messages are displayed in english, but should be translated (the few ones I checked are translated in the po file);
 - and some messages are displayed ingame, but cannot be found in the po files.

Thanks !

Feature Requests / Hangars...
« on: May 01, 2013, 05:17:01 pm »

It seems that hangars are changing their names in v2.5-dev : "Small" and "Large" hangars are becoming "Interceptor" and "Dropship" hangars. Thus, I understand that the small hangar will only host Interceptors, and the large ones only Dropships, right? But then, where where will the Raptor stay ? The description of the aircraft says it has both cargo and combat purposes, so what should I guess?.

This "very very important question" left apart, there could be some solutions to make the choice of a hangar a more strategic decision. For example, large hangars could have advantages (worth their price and size) like : Quicker repair rates / Quicker equipment mounting or dismounting / Quicker refuelling / Ability to host 2 small sized aircraft (like Stiletto) / Ability to host 1 UFO to speed up disassemby / etc.

Does it sound reasonable ?

Discussion / Is "Heavy weapon" proficiency disappearing ?
« on: May 01, 2013, 04:29:18 pm »

Making some testing of v2.5-dev (nighty 2013-04-29), I noticed that the "Heavy weapon" proficiency seems "to disappear", and that leads to few differences between UFOpaedia and in-game mechanics.

Examples : Riot Shotgun, Flame Thrower
 UFOpaedia -> Riot shotgun and Flame Thrower requirements are "Heavy weapon"
 Equip Soldiers (or Buy/Sell) -> Requirements changed to "Close combat"

In fact, looking more closely at details in the "Equip soldiers" screen, I seems that heavy weapons do not rely on "Heavy weapon" proficiency anymore... Is it still of use? Or deprecated? Or "Work in progress"?

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