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OPEN  Bug report #5690  -  Unresolved team selection when skirmish mode game is repeated
Posted May 10, 2018 - updated May 12, 2018
geever (geever) has been working on this issue since May 12, 2018 (20:56)
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Issue description
There is an unexpected behavior in situation when a new skirmish game is started after the end of another skirmish game. It seems, there is a selected team, but there is not any of soldier in Equip screen and there aren't weapons. After rolling down empty "store" weapon list, game crash.

Game should allow save a team with enhanced experiences from previous game or continue with selected team.

A console dump is somewhere around... Formating of text is not strong side of this engine...

Steps to reproduce this issue
Start a skirmish game, end it and start another one.