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CLOSED  Bug report #5674  -  Soldier equipment screen not showing entire UI for inventory
Posted Nov 16, 2017 - updated Feb 26, 2018
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Issue description
This is for 2.6 version the game only. In 2.5 there is no issue. In the soldier equipment screen, the UI for the inventory is incomplete. Backpack, holster, left hand and right hand areas are not labelled nor do they show grids to indicate how space is used/free. So the effect is that of any equipment in the slots to look as if it's just "floating" on the dark grey textured background used for the entire soldier UI background. If a weapon or item is selected (as if you were going to drag it into a slot to equip it), then any and all types of inventory space are highlighted, but unless you do this there is no way of distinguishing/seeing any inventory borders or spaces. (Like you could in 2.5 of the game).
Steps to reproduce this issue
This is for 2.6 version the game only. In 2.5 there is no issue. Enter Base Soldier Equipment screen - choose a soldier with or without current equipment.