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icon_project.png UFO: Alien Invasion / Closed Submit Patch #5640 Improve happiness calculation from missions
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This issue has been closed with status "Closed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
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If there are no civilians in a mission (most the planet where an ufo can be downed), there is no change in the happiness for any country.

I guess there was a possible division by zero if civilianSum was zero, but the result was no change on happiness even if you got a good performance killing aliens.

The performance was calculated as follows:
For civilians = 0 -> performance = 0
For civilians > 0 -> performance = performanceCivilian + performanceAlien

This patch changes this as follows:
For civilians = 0 -> performanceCivilian = 0
For any amount -> performance = performanceCivilian + performanceAlien
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