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OPEN  Bug report #5624  -  Text displayed for aliens' conditions might be hardcoded
Posted Nov 10, 2016 - updated Dec 01, 2016
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Issue description
When an alien actor suffer a "condition" during a battle, the text displayed in red is in English, namely:
  • MSGID #2918 "%s is on a rampage!"
  • MSGID #2919 "%s is consumed by mad rage!"
whereas both MSGIDs are translated in the French .po file. Does it mean that these MSGIDs are not used and that a harcoded string is used instead?

Perhaps, these MSGIDs are still used for other actors, and not for AI Aliens? Perhaps, other "condition" MSGIDs ar not used as well?
Steps to reproduce this issue
Play the game in French and wait for an alien to get crazy...