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icon_project.png UFO: Alien Invasion / Open Bug report #5620 No alien team for campaign mission
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there is no alien team for campaign mission spawned after shoting down a suply ufo leaving brand new alien base. There is a mission description (debug_missionlist):

<source lang="text/plain">

mission: 'cat5_interest997_0'
...category 5. 'Building Base or Subverting Government' -- stage 14. 'Leaving earth'
...mapDef: 'city_train'
...start (day = 761798, sec = 8006), ends (day = 761811, sec = 22927)
...pos (-114.22, 38.95)(assigned Pos) -- mission on Geoscape
...UFO: craft_ufo_supply (0/2)


Console information after "start mission" is:
ERROR: CP_SetAlienTeamByInterest: no available alien team for mission 'cat5_interest997_0': interest = 997 -- category = 5

There is no campaign part at all and drop ship turn back to base immediately.

If there is a possibility to kill all of aliens by ufo crash, there should be an information for player, for example: no living alien at ufo crash site, going back. And screen for storage/sell ufo, collecting stuf ...
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