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geever (@geever) has been working on this issue since October 10, 2016 (16:46)
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In many places, texts displayed are truncated, because texts' fields or buttons' captions are too short.

This issue reviews were this happens. Screenshots...
# ... were made in 1024 x 780, with v2.6-dev for windows, build 09/09/2019
# ... were made with colors to summarize the problem (=NOT to say that this is important or not important)
## red: problem in english
## yellow : no problem in english, but in one translation at least
## green : potential problem (short labels in english, but longer in other languages)
# ... have direct comments on them
# ... are zipped for convenience to regroup them (if there are more than 1) : "options", "skirmish", "campaign", and "Misc" screenshots.

Note : the orbiton font is very "wide" and increase this problem; using another font, like DejaVuSans, could reduce the problem without many coding.
Steps to reproduce this issue
Parse the game's windows, and change language.
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