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OPEN  Bug report #5514  -  SDL2 GLES arm port produces broken screenshots
Posted Sep 28, 2015 - updated Sep 28, 2015
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Issue description
The screenshot feature of the GLES port is not able to capture the screen correctly - all that's created is a black frame. After discovering that glshim enables the OpenGL arm version to produce normal screenshots, it was logical to ask the man responsible for the original ufoai 2.4 port his opinion.

ptitSeb suggests:

"... I guess the screenshot are made using a glReadPixels with not GL_RGBA GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE... In most GLES implementation, you can rely only on this to make glReadPixels and then convert the data to, for example GL_RGB GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT_5_6_5..."

Hopefully with this input the issue can be tracked down quickly.
Steps to reproduce this issue
From within a running GLES ufoai, take a screenshot with F12, then inspect the screenshot directory.