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CLOSED  Bug report #5511  -  [UI] A soldier's stat qualifier uses the same string reference as a video setting
Posted Sep 24, 2015 - updated Jan 31, 2016
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Issue description
The same character string "Excellent", that is referenced as #1811 in ufoai.po, is used both for:
  • a video resolution setting (just before "Extreme"), and
  • a highly skilled or gifted soldier (between "Highly Proficient" and "Outstanding").

Besides this could be seen as a programming "flaw", given that one item in a list is used to complement another list (the later having nothing in common with the former except it's the same word in English), it may have an impact on some localized versions. For instance, in French, the translators correctly made "Excellent" agree with "Resolution" which is a feminine, with a "Excellente" as a result. But this means that in the soldier's stat screen, the same "Excellente" word is used, whereas it should be only in case of a female soldier (though the choice was made for the other skill qualifiers to keep on the default masculine gender as is usual in French, thus "Excellent").

Suggestion: (in the English version)
  • keep #1811 "Excellent" where it belongs to: for video settings.
  • duplicate #1811 into a #AAAA "Excellent" to be used when a skill/attribut is in the 70s, complementing the following list of skill qualifiers:
  • 2852 "Poor", ..., #2858 "Highly Proficient" (60s), #2859 "Outstanding (80s?), ..., #2861 "Superhuman" (100s?)

We can go further...

Another suggestion to be even more localization-friendly: As for the French version, the following would work but it's not a critical matter.

If the UI engine has any mean to know a soldier's gender, then the stat screen could use this information, and all the skill qualifier list could be made gender dependent, i.e. it would use the poedit functionality for gender version of a same string. For instance, #2852 "Poor" would be replaced by #2852 m"Poor"/f"Poor", etc. (with the right poedit format)
Steps to reproduce this issue
In English: no impact. In French (and other languages?): - wait for a soldier to get 70-79 in an attribute or a skill. Take note of the qualifier (translation for "Excellent"). - go to Options > Video > Advanced and see that one of the resolution choice is the same "Excellent" word (same spelling). Now, depending on how the genders are handled in your language and how the translators worked, you may, or not, find that one of them is wrong.